Hannah Nunn: A Golden Anniversary

The Gift of Memories

Storyteller: Hannah Nunn, UK

Two sheep in the grass

What inspires you to take photos?

Mostly it's the tiny details in nature that inspire me to take photos. It's these details that inspire me in my design work (wallpaper and lamps) and it is originally how I discovered the location in this photo book as I went to photograph the flowers and grasses there. The place is called Wild Meadow, a beautiful cottage in a large meadow in the Welsh countryside and it's become a special place for me and my family and friends.

Man playing guitar on grass with woman and child

Why did you create this photo book?

It was my mum & dad's golden wedding anniversary last summer and we got the whole family together in the meadow. Each and every one of us loved that week together and we shared so many magical moments looking out for shooting stars, singing songs around the fire, digging up our vegetables from the plot and watching golden sunsets. I thought the photo book would be a wonderful Christmas present for my folks to capture these wonderful memories.

Family roasting marshmallows around fire

What is your favorite image from the book?

The last image of us all sitting around the campfire sums up the togetherness of the week. I wrote my mum and dad a song for their wedding anniversary present likening their marriage to a big old golden tree (I liked being able to write the lyrics throughout the photo book as well showing the photos) and moments after this picture was taken I sat on a log under the night sky and sang it for them. It is one of those moments that will stay with me forever.

Woman and mother lying in grass under quilt

What is your favorite story behind an image in your book?

My mum said her one wish of the week was to lie in the meadow and watch the stars. She is a quilter and she made a quilt especially for the occasion. On one side it was light and bright and represented the meadow by day and the other side had darker prints which was the night time meadow. This picture (above) is me and my mum getting into position for star-gazing. The skies were kind to us and gave us loads of shooting stars. I'm so glad she got her wish!

Sketch of sheep grazing in field

Picture by artist Domenique Brouwers (@domenique.brouwers)

What do photos mean to you?

Photos are an opportunity to capture something, be it a special moment spent with loved ones or a delicate grass that I want to go home and draw. They are a way I can share my stories with others and show people how much inspiration I find in the world.


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