Kelsey Goodwin: Week by Week

Time is fleeting, preserve every moment

Storyteller: Kelsey Goodwin, Canada

Explore Kelsey's heartfelt images capturing the precious moments of her child's early weeks. In this Classic Photo Album format, we were inspired by how Wylder's transformative journey in the early weeks of his life was beautifully preserved in a photo album. This timeless baby keepsake is an adorable and creative photo record of the little one's evolving changes. We know something this special is sure to be passed down for years to come.

Baby with ginger hair smiling up at camera sitting in basket on blanket

What format did you choose to create your keepsake and why?


I chose a Large Classic Photo Album! I loved the linen fabric texture and the possibility to put printed text on the front. It was also the perfect landscape orientation. I needed to fit both my image and text and the design that I want on each page. There were also plenty of helpful image templates to help me make my book perfect!

Why did you create your baby keepsake?


I wanted my child to have this as a lifelong keepsake. I included text to capture my thoughts as a mom and a reflection of what I noticed about her each week. It’ll hopefully show her what a blessing she was and always will be. I also hope that if she has kids someday, she can read it and compare to her own motherhood journey.

Comparison images of baby one week and one year differences

What is your favorite image from your keepsake and why?


That’s a hard one! Probably the comparison image on one of the last pages. Showing the difference between the first week and the last just summarizes just how much changes over that time, and how her personality has emerged.

What inspires you creatively?


I’m inspired by the small and fleeting moments that ultimately make up all the memories that are most cherished. Like the smoke after a birthday candle is blown out, or those deep eye contact smiles. I want to be able to capture and celebrate every important milestone so I can come back to it later.

Laughing baby with mother and blocks with age on them

What inspires you to take photos in general?


I’m inspired by human connection, emotion, ambition and legacy.

What does your keepsake mean to you and your family?


This keepsake means a lot to me personally. It’s exactly who I want to be as a mom; intentional, creative, and present. Not that I was always that way in every moment of constructing this, but I did my best and I’m proud of the result. My hope is that it will become a baby heirloom album that can be passed down. This era of my first born can be a testament and celebration of that time.

Baby with ginger hair crawling out of basket

What bit of advice would you offer to someone creating their own MILK memento?


Think about what kind of story you want to tell and give yourself grace if it’s not perfect!

Kelsey's baby album highlights the significance of preserving every fleeting moment with your newborn. Through her adorable baby keepsake, she's captured the memory of Wylder's very first year, a significant milestone for her newly grown family. Allow the moments of your baby’s first years to unfold in a high quality MILK Photo Album.


Customer Imagery: Kelsey Goodwin
Photographer: Kelsey Goodwin

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