Mariah Wasilewski: The Happiest Wedding

Mariah & Patty

Storyteller: Mariah Wasilewski, USA

Love stories are often serendipitous, through unexpected encounters and shared experiences in life. What started as a friendship between Mariah and Patty blossomed into a beautiful romance, leading to an exciting wedding ceremony in 2022. Discover the joy, love, and memorable details of their wedding day, and be inspired to create your own Wedding Photo Album just as they preserved their wedding moments in a contemporary print format to be cherished forever.

Two brides in white dressing gowns old hands and smile at each other while seated.

When did your love story begin?


We met at the Texas Scottish Rite Nursing Externship Program in the summer of 2018. We became friends quickly and hung out together almost every week. We had many crazy shifts, camp days, and memorable wine nights with another extern who turned out to be one of our bridesmaids.


We both always say our hearts knew before we did that there was something even more special than friendship between us, and it didn’t take us long after parting ways to Oklahoma and Arkansas for our senior years of college to figure that out. We started dating in September of 2018, and celebrated our wedding with everyone almost exactly four years later in September of 2022!

Wooden wedding arch decorated with white flowers and white rug aisle with brown benches

How would you describe the style of your wedding?


Our wedding had a mix of rustic and modern styles. We decided to stick with neutral whites and natural greenery while adding just a pop of baby pink to give it a little color!

Brides getting ready for ceremony buttoning dress and adjusting shoe straps.

What inspired you to keep your photos in a Wedding Magazine?


We knew we wanted to create some type of photo keepsake that we could keep in our home for us or guests to flip through at any time. When researching wedding album options, we fell in love with the Wedding Magazine that MILK offered. It gave us that flip-through photo book feel, while also letting us create a piece of art to decorate our home with.

Brides with veils and white bouquets pose with golden retriever with tongue out.

What is your favorite image from your wedding and why?


Our favorite image from our wedding has to be this one with our dog, Addie. We had her walk down the aisle during our ceremony, and she was the star of the show! Addie was our pandemic pup and truly completes our little family of three. While we were taking our pictures after the ceremony, we absolutely had to bring Addie in for some, and her modeling skills clearly killed it.

Brides with bridesmaids in pink dresses jump for a photo.

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in your Wedding Magazine?


My wife loves action jump shots more than anything. At any event, she’s always the one to say, “Should we try a jumping photo next?”, so of course when we were taking bridesmaid pictures, she was quick to ask that same question. Considering we were all in long dresses and heels on a very uneven ground, we were all a little bit hesitant. But you don’t say no to a bride, of course, so we gave it a try, and I’m so happy we did. I think the pure joy is clear as day on all our faces in that shot. The laughter after we got the shot on the first try (and no one fell) is a memory I’ll have forever.

Two brides walk down the wedding aisle together wearing white dresses

What does your wedding book mean to you and your wife and loved ones?


It was really important to us as a couple to create something tangible that captured the memories of our favorite day from start to finish. Our wedding book is a highlight reel that we get to look back on forever. It was so special getting to show it to our friends and family for the first time as they all relived the memories from each shot with us. While doing so, they even shared new stories that we hadn’t gotten to hear ourselves yet.

Female bridal party gathered in a huddle holding rainbow flags.

What was the best moment of your wedding day?


It is so hard to pick just one moment from our wedding day because it was filled with so many. The one that stands out in our mind happened at the end of the reception before we walked out to do our sparkler exit.


A little bit of backstory - being two women, we had a joint bachelorette party with all of our friends, and the most memorable part of the weekend was when we were at a karaoke bar screaming the lyrics to Love Story by Taylor Swift together. As my wife and I were singing, we had all our friends singing, dancing, and in tears watching us together in love. Fast forward to the reception, at the last minute we grabbed all of our bridesmaids and asked our DJ to play Love Story for us to all dance to after everyone else had gone outside. It was the most special, unplanned moment with our most important people I could ever have asked for.

Brides smiling cutting three tiered white wedding cake.

What bit of advice would you offer to someone creating their own wedding memento?


After going through the process of creating this wedding magazine, our biggest piece of advice we could give is to make sure couples go through every single wedding photo you have again before making your selections. We ended up falling in love with and including so many shots that we initially had not thought to be favorites the first time we got our pictures back.

Mariah and Patty's love story shines through the pages of their stunning Wedding Magazine. As they flip through their captured moments, they reminisce not only their beautiful wedding day, but every moment in their journey that came before. Preserving your wedding memories in a Wedding Photo Book or Album allows you to relive your special day, from the finer planned details to the unexpected memories that made it perfect.


Customer Imagery: Mariah Wasilewski
Photographers: Lorena Burns & Angela Hackney

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