Sarah Linzon: Sarah & Esgardo

Sarah & Esgardo

Storyteller: Sarah Linzon, USA

When did your love story begin?

Our love story began on January 26th, 2019. We had met on bumble. A dating website and just clicked instantaneously. He drove out to meet me that following weekend and after spending the night together getting to know each other. We both just kind of knew this was going to be it. A few weeks later we had joked about eloping together and when we realized we were on the same page talked about it more. We decided a traditional courthouse wedding didn't feel right and started looking for something more special and came across a company that specialized in elopements in outdoors locations and we picked the Rocky mountains in Colorado. I knew I would have the digital copies of my wedding photos and so I looked for a company that would be able to properly display how beautiful the day was and I came across MILK and loved how different your company was from the others I came across.

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

I think our style would be described as intimate. It was a moment in time we just wanted to spend with each other. We didn't want other people there or distractions that would've taken away what that day was about for us. It's not something a lot of people do especially now a days with social media. It's all about huge weddings and how fancy and over the top they could be. But this is ours. And only ours.

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

The best moment of the day was our vows. My husband was very worried and anxious about writing his. He didn't think they would be good enough for me. Or special enough. And what he wrote just left me stunned. It was so special and fitting to our circumstances and our life and what we wanted to do with our future. One of the lines he wrote me was "we had some Rocky roads that only lead us to the Rocky Mountains"

What is your favorite image from your wedding and why?

There is a full 2 page black and white image of us right at the beginning of the book (above) that I think captured so much emotion. It just captured this moment in time that sort of makes you pause for a second. It is so beautiful and simple but powerful as well. It really shows the love between us and just such raw emotions that I don't think is captured elsewhere in the book.

What is your favorite story/memory behind a single shot in the book?

There is a shot towards the end. Of us kissing on the frozen lake with the mountains behind us (above) I said that's it. That's the shot. That's why we drove out here 15 hours why we hiked in a dress and suit for 2 hours to get here in the freezing cold. Against what anyone else told us. That is the photo I wanted. The once in a lifetime kind of shot that captured the day, the moment the atmosphere. Everything. That was why we did everything we did to get that one photo. And everything was worth it to me.

What does your wedding book mean to you?

I really wanted our wedding album to capture what that day really was. We were the only ones there so for our family and friends all they have to experience that day with us are our photos. And having a book that can capture that day and display it properly is just everything. No one else will have memories or stories of it. It's just what's in that book and what me and my husband remember. So, it really is everything to us. We did something no one else did. Who goes to Colorado in January for a wedding? Who hikes in a wedding dress in boots and spikes? Who wants to hike for 3 miles up a mountain in snow and cold to get married? But we did. And we did it. And we want to spend our life traveling and seeing as many places as possible and we started our new life together doing just that.


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