Sandra Davis: Boxers and Ballerinas

The Dance of Bar and Rope

Storyteller: Sandra Davis, USA

Ballerinas dancing in a studio.

What compelled you to make this art photo book? 

In 2015, I attended a photography workshop in Cuba, a thrilling adventure.  I had thousands of photographs of cars, street scenes, ballet dancers, boxers, architecture, the Malecon and school children.  I wanted to narrow the focus of my book, so I centered on boxers and ballerinas. I see the beauty and choreography of ballet and boxing closely intertwined.  Both convey passion, focused concentration and tremendous athletic and artistic ability.  Ballet is the dance of the bar; boxing is the dance of the ropes.

Man speaking to a young boxer at the corner of the ring.

What is your favorite image in the book and why?

My favorite image is the photograph of the coach giving guidance to the young boxer.  The coach is intense in his instruction while the boxer listens closely and receives his message.  The intensity of the moment is captured on both of their faces. 

Ballet dancers gathered and un-posed.

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book? 

My favorite memory is the the image of the ballerinas gathered, unposed in the room. I selected this image as a favorite because of the emotion I felt entering the beautiful, rundown, yet exquisite mansion of Josie Alonso.  The light streaming through the windows was exquisite as the dancers awaited our arrival to pose and photograph them.


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