Shawn Moreton: Adventures

From Banff to Portugal

Storyteller: Shawn Moreton, USA

Male standing lakeside looking at mountains and forest in distance.

What compelled you to create these photo books?

I have always loved Moleskine notebooks, and when I discovered that I could create a Moleskine/MILK photo book I knew that it was perfect for me! The classic style of a Moleskine notebook has always appealed to me.

Surfer entering the water and starry sky

What is your favorite image and why?

Our trip to Portugal took us from end to end of this wonderful country. Choosing a favorite image would be nearly impossible, as there was so many stunning sights & wonderful moments along the way. Certainly an unforgettable one for me was celebrating my 44th birthday by surfing off the Southern Coast in Algarve. Feeling the warm rain falling on me while bobbing on my surfboard, watching the rain hit the ocean around me was such a special moment I’ll never forget. The black and white image (above left) of the surfer heading out on the beach reminds me of that special day. Banff, Alberta is such an incredible and epic landscape. I had the chance to go out in the night with my oldest daughter to photograph the night sky. We captured images of the stars over Moraine Lake, and Banff. The experience was wonderful, and being able to share my love of photography with her is what made it so special. The image of the night sky reflected in Vermillion Lakes (above right), with the glow of Banff illuminating the mountains in the distance captures it perfectly.

Woman and child atop a mountain overlooking a lake.

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in each book?

Banff is one of those places you could explore in every season and experience it differently. Though we were there in July, our first family hike took us up into the snows on a trail high above Peyto Lake. Peyto Lake is unforgettable itself, with it’s distinctive wolf shape, and the sweeping panoramic views. We left the tourists there and headed further up the trail, along a snowy ridgeline where the only thing we saw were mountains, swirling clouds, and a ptarmigan. With no tourists in sight it was a wonderful moment shared, as we picnicked high in the mountains.


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Older man and younger child sitting side by side smiling.

While in Coimbra, Portugal we stopped for lunch at a friendly little terrace in the heart of the old city. Our youngest daughter, who was barely two then, saw an older gentleman sitting on a doorstep and cautiously approached him. Sensing he was a friendly soul, she sat down beside him, and shared a nice moment. He spoke only Portuguese, and so watching them chatting and smiling was such a sweet moment, I had to capture a couple photos of them sitting there together.


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