Ashlen Sepulvida: Engaged in Greece

Ashlen & Brenna

Storyteller: Ashlen Sepulvida, USA

Close up of women face to face in front of glowing sunset

When did your love story begin?


Our love story began online. We matched on Hinge; we both have Lord of the Rings tattoos and like fantasy novels and psychology. After our first date, in which I convinced her to go out dancing with me, I knew I wanted to keep seeing her. We clicked immediately. Imagine every cliché you’ve heard about love: that’s exactly how it felt falling in love with her.

Engaged couple dancing together on clifftop in Athens Greece

How was the engagement planned?


Summer of ’23 we decided to go on vacation to Greece. We started in Athens and drove around the country visiting ancient ruins, before eventually landing in Santorini. The engagement was kept a secret. All I knew is that we were going to a ‘fancy dinner,’ and she’d bought me a new dress for the occasion. I was shocked when our dinner turned out to be a private proposal overlooking the island and the ocean. It was a surreal and magical moment.

Emotional engaged couple hug after proposal under bright sunshine

What was the best moment of your engagement?


The best moment was when I said ‘yes.’ Afterwards, we just held each other and cried. The proposal was so intimate and special, and I was so touched to know that my family and friends had been in on it the whole time! I felt so incredibly thankful and lucky to have met someone as kind, generous, thoughtful, and loving.

Engaged women couple face each other on clifftop in Athens Greece

What is your favorite image from your engagement and why?


My favorite image is of us standing in front of a rock formation on the cliffs of Santorini, Greece. The angle of the shot captures the whole path leading to the peak, and we’re standing facing each other. We trekked down the cliff face in our black-tie attire and arrived just as the sun began to set.

Proposal between couple of women under pink flower frame in Athens Greece

What does your engagement book mean to you and your loved ones?


Our engagement book is an opportunity to honor our memories. The book has pride of place on our coffee table. Guests, family, and friends can look through all the incredible photos when visiting.

Close up of women hugging each other with warm glow of sunset on their faces

What bit of advice would you offer to someone creating their own engagement book?


Enjoy the creative process! You’ve chosen those photos for a reason, and now all you need to do is let the photography and story do the work for you.


Customer Imagery: Ashlen Sepulvida
Photographer: White on Black Studio

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