Laurence Carey: A Special Companion

An unbreakable bond with a furry friend, documented forever

Storyteller: Laurence Carey, UK

Life's stories are rooted in cherished memories and the bonds we form with those we love. Sebastian, a treasured feline companion, left permanent pawprints on the hearts of Laurence and her family. Some of his brightest moments now reside within the pages of a Moleskine Photo Book, an heirloom to highlight the family's milestone of sharing their lives with a beloved pet. Join Laurence as she shares her creativity and thoughts behind the creation of this cherished keepsake, offering a glimpse into the genuine love that inspired its making.

Black and white photo of cat squinting eyes

What format did you choose to create your keepsake and why?


I was really attracted to Moleskine Photo Books for their unique appeal. I really wanted to create a book that felt as organic and tactile to touch as possible, something you could truly feel and interact with. I wanted a precious keepsake that sets it apart from the multitude of other photo books out there.


I wanted each page to be more than just a repository of images; I wanted the book to tell a story, and bring back the heavy emotions from anyone reading the book. I guess I also wanted the act of flipping through the pages akin to running your fingers through the fur of a lovely cat on your lap - a delightful and comforting experience in itself.

Cat peeking over concrete wall under a blue sky

Why did you create your special keepsake?


When Sebastian, our beloved cat, crossed the rainbow bridge, I felt the urge to commemorate his memory in a meaningful way that would resonate with our entire family. Crafting a Moleskine Photo Book seemed like the perfect tribute. My goal was to not only honor Sebastian but also to ensure that even my youngest children could connect with his memory. As I started to put the pictures together, I felt a natural timeline forming. I developed this further in our keepsake so that it began to read almost like a story.

Can sleeping on tower of warm wool blankets in living room

What is your favorite image from your keepsake and why?


Probably Sebastian positioning himself on top of a mountain of woolen blankets, in order to achieve the absolute maximum comfort level - a true artisan of his craft! Sebastian ensured that every moment spent nestled in his blanket sanctuary is nothing short of pure bliss.

Cat wrapped in knit blanket held in woman's arms

What is a key memory behind some of your photos?


Towards his later years, Sebastian was definitely starting to look his age. He started to suffer some wear and tear (in turn losing his ears). However, it's truly heartwarming to be reminded of him in all his youthful pomp, all plumped up and with pointy ears intact.

Laurence holding her cat Sebastian in backyard

What does your keepsake mean to you and your loved ones?


For as long as I can remember, I've had a habit of printing out my photos and compiling them into albums. There's something inherently special about preserving our memories in a physical form, something that goes past the nature of digital images. It's always struck me that the true value and reason for doing this is not really for this moment, but for the future.


In this case, when we're all still feeling sad, this sentiment feels even more truer. I'm confident that one day, flipping through these pages will give us a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia in our hearts. The true essence of why we create these albums is to encapsulate not just the memory of someone we care about, but the emotions and stories that accompany it.

Cat sitting on stool in front of red velvet curtains

What inspires you to take photos in general?


My favourite people (and cats), beautiful lighting, inspiring backdrops, powerful expressions and wild emotions. These things ignite my creativity and you can see the impact that these have in my photos.

Black and white photo of cat looking at camera

What bit of advice would you offer to someone creating their own MILK memento?


Use some words - they can add so much context to a photo. Even just a title, or some background information can go a long way to give meaning to every moment of your pictures. Or of course you can go all in and write a story within your book.

Sebastian's playful antics and sleepy moments are preserved within the pages of his exquisite Moleskine Photo Book. As Laurence and her family flips through each page, she'll transport herself back to the beginnings of their companionship and the memories thereafter. From his mischievous kitten days to his dignified attitude as a mature cat, each snapshot keeps the essence of Sebastian, allowing Laurence to relive his memory for years to come. Be inspired to capture everyday life's beauty in a MILK Photo Book.


Customer Imagery: Laurence Carey

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