Antonio Camacho: A Trip to Kenya

Kenya 2019

Storyteller: Antonio Camacho, Mexico

Classroom of children in Kenya

What inspires you to take photos?

I’m 21 and was born and raised in México City. I'm currently in college. I’ve never thought about myself as an artistic person but with photos it's just different. I enjoy and love capturing moments/people in pictures that I believe tell a story when you look at them. Photography is just a hobby for me but I enjoy it a lot and I look forward for every chance I get to shoot some photos. I usually take photos when I’m traveling and I’m incredibly grateful because I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot.

Man blowing smoke

What inspires you to travel? 

I don’t really know what inspires me to travel but the times I feel at home are actually when I’m far from México. Seeing other cultures, different ways of living and knowing different people is something that amazes me each time I’m on the road. The trip to Kenya was the first time I traveled without my family, friends or to a summer camp. I was truly on my own and getting away with no one but yourself, it’s something that I can’t recommend enough. I wanted to clear my head and going to the other side of the world alone for sure helps that purpose.

Two people. Kenya, Africa

What compelled you to tell your travel story in a book?

As it was the first time I traveled by myself I wanted something that I could look at frequently and remember the trip, and also show to my friends and family and inspire them to travel and to enjoy photography. After a quick google search I decided that a MILK album was the obvious solution.

Man at Masai Mara National Reserve

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book?

The story behind this guy (above) for sure is something to reflect on. These pics were taken on the Masai Mara National Reserve, during a visit to a traditional Masai village. He invited me for a chat inside his small home. As we were drinking chai he started showing curiosity about the camera, my clothes and my “village”. When I asked him how far from home he has been, it turns out the furthest he’s been is to another village about 15km from his home. So on my phone I showed him photos of México city. He took the phone and started zooming in asking “why the mountains have that weird shape?”. The “mountains" were residential buildings. After a couple of minutes he asked me what the purpose of the “mountains” are. I told him those are homes one on top of the other and his next question was if I was sure about people being able to go inside the mountains.

Two school children

What do photos mean to you?

Everyone has a different truth of the world and for some humans its size only includes a couple of villages. The meaning of the book for me beside the memories is that we all have a different version of the world and all of them are equally valuable and truthful.


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