Eilidh Neilson-Gibb: Always Us

Eilidh & Ryan

Storyteller: Eilidh Nelson-Gibb, Scotland

Newlyweds smiling in snow

When did your love story begin?

Our love story began when I was 16. I was attending a friends party and Ryan was there as a guest of the older brother. He was cheeky and full of fun. We started dating a few weeks later and now we’re 11 years down the line, and married (woohoo).

Bride and groom holding hands in snow

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

We would describe our wedding as Nordic Boho. We always wanted to have a relaxed, cosy atmosphere so we chose to get married at The Byre at Inchyra which had an industrial edge, and was a complete blank canvas. I created all of our decor, stationery, signage and table settings and the Byre was the perfect place showcase this. As well as overloading it with paired back foliage from our fantastic florist. We are both huge lovers of the snow and our wedding incidentally landed right in the middle of the UK being hit by ‘the Beast from the East’. We had a very stressful run up to the wedding with almost everything having to be amended/cancellations from suppliers etc, but in the end everything worked out and the snow couldn’t have been more perfect on the day. It really added some fun to the day (welly boots galore) and made for a beautiful backdrop to our photos.

Newlyweds slow dance at reception

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

I think the best moment of our wedding was the dance in the evening. We had a fantastic local folk band booked and our guests were never off the dance floor—myself and Ryan included. It was such an uplifting, fun and connective atmosphere which really brought everyone together.

Bride and groom kiss as wedding guests hold sparklers

What is your favorite image in the book and why?

Us in the middle of the sparklers (above). This moment was hilarious. We had everyone lined up for the walk through but our guests were so in the moment and chatting/laughing among themselves that they couldn’t hear us stuck in the building trying to get out by them. We had to have some replacement sparklers handed out as most had gone done by the time we could get outside. Luckily I had bought extra.

Bride and groom playing in snow

What is your favorite story behind an image in your book?

I remember the photographer and Byre owner telling Ryan to throw some snow at me for photos. Ryan was so worried to do this as he didn’t want to damage my outfit. I took matters into my own hands and kicked some snow at him first, starting a bit of a snow ball fight. I would be the first person into the snow on a normal day so he shouldn’t have expected different haha.

What bit of advice would you give to someone creating their own wedding memento?

I think that the best thing to do, is to ensure you pick the photos that make you feel something. You don’t have to put every single photo that was taken into the collection. Try to tell your story, remembering the details that mean something to you.


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