Hollie Sherlock: A Gift for Dad

The Perfect Present

 Storyteller: Hollie Sherlock, NZ

Man and woman at the beach.

What compelled you to make this photo book? 

For my Dad's 60th birthday, I wanted to get him something really special. He's notoriously hard to buy for - one of those people that has everything and hates clutter. My brother and I were trying so hard to figure out what to get him. I know that he's a pretty sentimental guy, and the memories we had together when we were kids mean a lot to him. But I didn't want to just make him a crappy scrap book of old photos. It needed to be something premium, and lovely. The MILK Books are just that next level up from anything else I've ever seen. Turned out, it was the perfect gift. When we gave it to him he had tears in his eyes looking through all the memories.

Boy giving his dad a birthday cake.

What is your favorite image in the book and why? 

My favorite image is the one of my brother giving Dad a cake. The whole image has so much joy in it. My Dad - so excited, and my brother - so pleased to be able to give him his cake. I imagine my mum was probably taking the photo and I'm there in the background too. It captures a perfect moment in time with so much happiness.

Old photo of family dining poolside.

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book?

It's hard to choose a favorite story from all the images in the book. Each one brings back memories and emotions. The photo of my Dad and brother on the quad bikes reminds me of the weekends we used to go up to Pakiri with the dog. Dad & Zac would always quad bike and I'd go horse riding. It was so much fun. There is a photo of my Dad, brother and me at a hotel in Thailand (above). Every year we'd go on an overseas holiday and we used to spend all day at the beach or the pool. These were such fun times together. Then more recently are photos of my Dad and me at my wedding (first image). We had some great chats in the car on the way out to the venue - it was a really special time together and I'm so glad we have the photos to capture those moments. 

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