Jamie Carpenter: A Kiwi Wedding

"Complete magic"

Storyteller: Jamie Carpenter, NZ

Bride and groom in sunnies posing in front of Putangirua Pinnacles

When did your love story begin?

Our love story began 12 years ago now. Jason and I met at Uni and became friends first before we decided to make it officially official. It's been love ever since.


How would you describe the style of your wedding?

We wanted the day to really reflect us and be a fun day out for all involved. We've been to a fair amount of weddings and it quickly becomes obvious what you want and what you don't want. We love weddings for the simple fact that it's everyone you love together in one place at the same time, and having the best time. Three words I'd use is natural, raw and relaxedwe didn't want anything too 'traditional' but I had very strong views on how I wanted to day to look and feel. I think we achieved that.


What was the best moment of your wedding day?

There was no one moment. The day as a collective was complete magic.

Left, newlyweds on the beach. Right, groom smiling at bride at altar

What is your favorite image from your wedding and why?

Photography is a big deal to me and so we carefully chose our photographers, Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen, due to their natural aesthetic and relax style. They stand back and take in the day as it happens naturally instead of focusing on the posed look which we loved because I'm not the most comfortable in front of the camera. In saying that, there are so many images we love, but one of my favorites from the day would have to be the black and white image of Jason and I on the beach looking into each other's eyes (above left). It was completely natural and just happened to be captured at the perfect moment. I also really love the black and white image where my Dad has just walked me down the isle and both Jason and Dad are looking at me (above right). We were also lucky to have a second day with Tim and Nadine where we went out on location to the Putangirua Pinnacles (first image). A lot of our favorites are from this day too, I think I need to make a whole other book for it.

Left, bride and groom embracing. Right, bride laughing with her bridesmaids

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book?

Ahhh so many! We've just finished the ceremony and we're having a hug (above left) before all our guests come out to congratulate us. I remember this hug so well, it was such a special moment capturing the excitement, relief and happiness of finally being married and getting through the formalities of the day (which I was nervous aboutstanding up in front all of those people!) It also is a great shot of my gorgeous bouquet. I am also obsessed with the image (above right) with my babin' bridesmaids on the beach. This moment was orchestrated but the emotion, laughter and pose was a completely natural reaction. We stood in a line and had a short game of Chinese Whispers with the finishing line being wildly insane and very different to what it first started as. I love them so much and I've had this image framed and given it to the girls.


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