How to make a creative photo book

7 tips to creating your next masterpiece.

MILK Head Designer sharing her ideas.

Creative expression isn't a science; there's no one way. The beauty is that there are many.
We sat down with our head of design here at MILK and got her top tips to embracing your inner creative and making a great photo book.



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Over the shoulder shot of a female in a pink jumper and blue jeans holding open a photo book containing images of home interiors.

1. Pick the right format for you. 

Think about the story you are trying to tell. Is it large scale? Or small and intimate? Choose the format that will best showcase not only your story but the size of your story. 

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2. A short and sweet introduction.

The title of your book sets the tone for the story within. Be creative and keep it simple. Entice people; make them want to open the cover. 

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3. Let your hero images shine.

These are the photos that you love; they are the ones that are deserving of a full page spread. Having these "wow" images throughout a project provide great impact.


4. Don't forget the little things.

We provide text boxes in our design studio that are the perfect companion to the visual story you are telling and our book designers have provided templates that complement any level of text. A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes you need a thousand and one.


5. Don't fear white space.

White space is your friend! Don't be afraid of it. Try not to think of it as empty, instead think of it as a way to let other elements on the page stand out. White space can give a simple, elegant feel to a spread. 


6. Your book has a feel.

We put a lot of focus on the look of our book (of course) but often we forget that our book is something that is held and felt as well. Take care when choosing your paper style and cover fabric. Consider how they complement the story you are trying to tell.

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7. Don't clutter the spread.

We can grow attached to the photos we take. But too many on a page can be overwhelming and even detrimental to design. Heartbreaking though it may be, sometimes you have to be ruthless in your photo culling. Trust us, it'll look better in the final product.


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