Introducing your book

First impressions are important.

Photo book with UV cover text 'the amazing surprising and completely awesome year that was'.

A book’s title will introduce the story, and set the tone for the experience. A few choice words will create a mood that begins before you even see the first page and continue long after you’ve closed the back cover. With such an important decision naturally comes a little pressure, and it’s perfectly normal to hit a wall and experience a case of writer’s block when it comes time to pick out those few special words. To help you move past this tricky stage, we’ve compiled a few lists of some of the best book titles we've seen pass by our desks. These names have proved time and time again to capture the feeling of the book in the most perfect way.

Feel free to pick one of these for your own, or simply take them as inspiration to get you started. We also have a few tips for each subject to help you make that final selection.



Baby books

If anything in the world brings inspiration, it is the presence of a beautiful newborn baby. That soft skin, cheeky smile, and unbelievably small fingers and toes are an endless source of wonder. Anything from just their name to the date they arrived in the world are perfectly sweet and simple title ideas. Here are a few more to consider:


  • Hello, little one
  • The story of you
  • Welcome to the world
  • Tiny fingers, tiny toes
  • Year one
  • Your first year
  • A new chapter
  • Baby Sarah
  • Sarah's baby book
  • The library of you: Volume 1
  • Our tiny miracle
  • And then there were three

Wedding books

Get inspired by your most precious moments together. From the day you met, your first date, pet names and nicknames to favorite sayings and phrases. The wedding itself can be inspiration too, so consider your venue, location, guests, theme, and overall atmosphere as potential muses for your title. While we know the challenge of summing up your unique love story in just a few words is a great one, we’re sure they will come tumbling out with a walk down memory lane.


  • “I do”
  • Happily ever after
  • The story of us
  • J + G
  • Sarah & Sam 12.3.2016
  • Two become one
  • Our love story
  • Boy meets girl
  • Our favorite day
  • Forever and ever J & G

Family books

Find inspiration from each other. Listen out for memorable quotes, or jot down any favorite family sayings. There may be a pun you can make from your last name, or you can poke a little fun at yourselves with a cheeky reference to your shenanigans together. Your family album title should remind you of all the love and laughter you share, and bring a smile to your face.


  • Keeping up with the Smiths
  • Forever family
  • The ‘fun’ in dysfunctional
  • Ohana means family
  • Generations of love
  • A story of our own

Travel books

You can get really creative with travel titles. Whether it’s a specific place you went to, or a variety of destinations, memories made while traveling are a truly special kind. Perhaps you ticked off some bucket-list adventures, or caught up with old friends. You may be able to make a reference to your style of trip (such as flashpacking or glamping), or the reason for your getaway (such as an anniversary or celebration).


  • A tale of ten cities
  • There and back again
  • Not all those who wander are lost
  • Two tickets please
  • On the road again

Inspired to get started?