7 creative family vacation ideas

Step outside the box with one of these fun family adventures

A family holiday gives you the chance to not only spend unencumbered hours together, but to share new experiences, build traditions, and create special memories unique to your family. Why not design a getaway that brings out the most playful and adventurous side of each member? Here is some inspiration for family vacation ideas you’ll spend the rest of your lives talking about, and pouring over in photo albums.

Map showing route of family road trip

1. Quirky stop road trip

A classic road trip is a must-do for every family. Whether it’s to a new destination or back to Grandma’s house, make it fun by having every family member choose a special spot to stop along the way. Whether it’s a cheese museum or a cat café, this type of holiday allows everyone’s personality to shine and be celebrated. Pack the car with fun activities and snap photos of those little moments between the big adventures. Many members of the MILK community have preserved their road trips in photo books; discover the story of Tara's adventure and the beautiful keepsake she made to commemorate it.

2. Staycation cultural weekend

Immerse your family into a new culture without leaving home. Turn your own abode into a faraway land with music, food, activities and décor. Cook an authentic meal together with inspiration from online recipes or YouTube. Find a documentary or film based on the country you’re exploring and learn about its history, language, and traditions. Whether you’re channeling the tastes of India or embodying the artisans of Italy, the fun you have together will create endless photo opportunities. Capture these moments to look back on and smile. You could even turn them into works of art to display in your everyday life with a picture frame or a MILK Canvas Print.

Young child on the shoulders of a young man

3. Leave and learn

Trying something new as a family is a wonderful bonding experience. It creates opportunities to help and encourage each other, and it’s a great way to show your kids that it’s okay to be a beginner all throughout your life. Try out a winter sport, like skiing or snowboarding. Learn how to camp in the wild with an outdoors survival course. If your family is fearless, check out high-ropes courses or rock climbing. Learning new skills is a fantastic way to bring everyone closer and make unforgettable memories. Check out this mother-son camping adventure filled with discovery and wonder, now preserved in a Premium Photo Book.

4. Obscure holiday-focused getaway

Did you know there’s a National Pencil Day, and a National Moon Day? Plan a fun family vacation around an unheard of holiday and let your creativity fly. Whether you visit spooky places and haunted hotels for National Ghost Hunting Day, or spend a week in the countryside for National Farm Animals Day, It’ll be a brand new and exciting way to vacay and one your family will never forget.

Woman walking on pier with children

5. Family history holiday

Thanks to new technology, we can learn about our heritage and ancestry with just a bit of effort using online resources. Why not plan a family history tour to teach your kids about where they came from? Visit the ancestral homeland and retrace the steps of your great great grandparents. Learn about their origins, and re-create historical moments. Create a photo album to capture the memories and share them with future generations.

6. Animal encounter adventure

Every child has a favorite animal! Why not find an up-close-and-personal experience to make their whole year? Whether it’s a horseback riding expedition, or snorkeling with turtles, you’d be surprised by what’s on offer in your own neck of the woods. Sometimes zoos put on special expeditions, or you may find a private company that will cater to your exact preferences. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take matters into your own hands, and head to a national park or hire a boat to explore the open waters (with safety in mind, of course!). Use a GoPro to point out unique fish and snap fun underwater photos to add to your MILK family vacation Photo Album.

Young family in the stands at a baseball game

7. Special interest sojourn

Whether you are a family of music lovers, movie fanatics, or long-distance runners, special interests always provide a great excuse to travel and an opportunity for connection. Snag tickets to a film festival and dress up for a few fancy nights out as a family snapping photos like you’re on a red carpet. Follow your favorite sports team from home to away games. Train all year for a marathon or swim meet, and then reward everyone with a week of celebration when the job is done.

The options are endless for family vacation ideas, but what matters most is the time you spend together. Don’t forget to pack a camera! Or make sure to snap photos on your smartphone to upload to your MILK Photo Album to cherish your family vacation forever.

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