Ideas for your next family photo book

Celebrate every moment with our most popular family photo book ideas

There are few better ways to celebrate and honor your special family moments than in a photo book that can be enjoyed for generations. So what will your next family photo project be? Whether it's a milestone anniversary or a family heritage project, we've listed 11 unique ideas to inspire you to start creating.

1. The Family Yearbook

Create a family yearbook to commemorate the year that was. From the mundane to the magnificent, there’s no rules around the moments you can and cannot include in your yearbook. Simply highlight those that are most important to you. We love this precious photo book put together by Olivia’s parents documenting her very busy first year of life.

2. The Family Pet

An integral part of any family, who said the household pet wasn’t deserving of their very own photo book? A strong fixture on any animal-lover’s camera roll, a photo book is the perfect way to make use of all those pictures. There’s never a dull moment with life’s loyal companions so create a keepsake to remember your time together long after they’re gone. Me and my dog Bruno by Evy beautifully documents the friendship between Bruno and his owner – from his early days as a puppy through to summer days at the beach. 

3. Family Abroad 

Do away with the DIY scrapbooks of bygone years and give your travel memories a permanent home in a high quality, long lasting photo book. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or your family’s annual trip to the beach, any journey with loved ones is worth reliving time and time again. Get inspired by this photo book that celebrates a family's life abroad in Singapore, or this epic mother-son road trip through Central Oregon.

Family photo on street in Singapore

4. Project 365 

Get involved with this popular photography project and commit to taking one photo a day for a whole year and then turning it into a beautiful photo book. The sky is the limit when it comes to the 365 photography project; you could stick to a theme for each photo or simply capture life’s everyday moments. This is a great project for kids to get involved with, plus for that one moment a day it’s a regular reminder to take in your surroundings and appreciate the little things. 

MILK Tip: Use our autofill tool to bring your 365 photo book to life effortlessly. Select one of two images per spread and watch the past year come back to life in print.

5. A Special Anniversary 

Celebrate your (or maybe your parent's or grandparent's) love in an anniversary photo book. Fill it to the brim with all your favorite memories you’ve shared. Include text to narrate the story of how you first met, give an insight into your favorite date, or simply fill the pages with things you want your special someone to remember with each passing year of your relationship. We couldn’t be more enamoured by this beautiful photo book by Jordan which is full of scanned copies of love notes, written by a loving husband of 59 years to his wife. Or this 50 year anniversary book created by Andrea, which documents the loving, decades-long relationship of Catherine and George.

6. A Milestone Birthday

From a first birthday to a 21st, 60th and everything in between, life’s milestone birthdays are worthy of a little extra celebration. Honor a loved one by collating all the photo memories of their life to date. Or, if there was a big party to mark the occasion you could create a photo book full of all the photos from the event.

MILK Tip: Get the recipient’s closest friends and family to contribute a birthday message or words of wisdom as an alternative to a card.

7. Family Photo Shoot

If you have invested in a photographer to capture family photos it’s certainly worthwhile to ensure they’re displayed in a high quality format to match. Creating a professional style photo book that you can proudly place on your coffee table will ensure the memories are enjoyed by your family and visitors for years to come. We love this annual series of photo books by Alison, capturing three years of beautiful photo shoots: 2017, 2018, 2019.

8. Art Book

If you’re a house of budding creatives, consider putting a photo book together to highlight your family’s artwork. Whether it be photography, paintings or drawings brought home from kindergarten, a photo book of your artwork will be more sentimental than any professional coffee table book. Discover our guide on how to create a children’s art photo book, or explore these beautiful customer projects for inspiration: 2019 by Alexis Winter; and Photography by Ann Cutting.

9. Family Heritage Book

Preserving your family history in a long lasting, readable format is no easy feat but the result will be worth it. This is the perfect project for those who have amassed decades (or centuries!) worth of family records, documents and photos. Rather than getting lost amongst the chaos of modern day, share and preserve your storied history for future generations in the format of a beautiful photo book. Get inspired by this incredible project by Deborah, which includes everything from birth certificates to scanned photographs and newspaper clippings.

black and white family photo

10. Family Recipe Book

Spare future generations the trouble of trying to decipher handwritten recipes and instead make a photo book that can withstand many cooks and years of use. The ultimate addition to any culinary toolkit, your family’s revered recipes deserve the best. Document your culinary creations with our timeless designer templates that allow for descriptive instructions and beautiful photography. Check out this family recipe book by Amy for inspiration.

11. Celebrate a New Addition

Few things compare to the anticipated arrival of a new family member. Mark the occasion with a timeless photo book full of memories that take you right back to those earliest days. We love this album by Natalie of newborn Tommy; a beautifully designed keepsake they can treasure forever.

There you have it; 11 unique ideas to inspire you to start creating your next project. A family photo book is a worthy format for celebrating life's precious moments, no matter how big or small. Simply select your format of choice, upload your photos and let our intuitive Design Studio and designer templates lead the way.

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