A must-have in every family collection

The heart of every family collection

Food brings us together. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the family recipe book is the heart of the memory collection. At the center of the big events and milestone celebrations are the delicious dishes that have been in the family for generations. Made with love, they have the power to evoke memories and emotions long thought forgotten. One bite can take you back to your childhood, a single smell can transport you to Grandma’s table. That's why the Family Recipe Book is our ultimate number one must-have for every family book collection. 

The Family Recipe Book

The typical family recipe book is a well-loved collection with fading handwritten notes on discolored paper and magazine cut-outs between food-stained pages. It has survived generations and it deserves to be passed down for many more. Why not preserve your unique family traditions in a beautiful photo keepsake? It's as simple as scanning or typing up the old recipes and including great photos of food and family. Discover how a member of the MILK community did just that.

More inspiration for the family legacy

Cooking and eating traditional meals together is just one of many family memories worth preserving. Here are some other less-than-traditional family photo book ideas for your collection, straight from the MILK community. Let them inspire you to preserve and share your family stories in a way that's a little bit different.

Recreate your parent's beautiful wedding album

Commemorate your new home

Celebrate a great day with the kids

There's nothing more photogenic than great family moments. The moments and milestones we share become the great times we look back on. So put time aside to spend together, whether it's celebrating old traditions or creating new ones, and don't forget to bring your camera with you to capture it all.

Inspired? Create your own family memento