8 fun family staycation ideas

8 Staycation Ideas Your Family Will Love

A perfect holiday involves a break from work, lots of fun activities, and ample quality time with those you love most. For some that may be jet setting to an exotic location, and more power to them. But these ideas are for those who would rather stay close to home and enjoy all the benefits of a vacation without the fuss and expense of long haul travel.

Not sure where to start? These staycation ideas will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more connected to your family than ever. Just be ready to capture the moment – these Insta-worthy activities belong in a photo album.

Woman and toddler on beach

1. A trip down memory lane

Nostalgia is such a powerful emotion – lean into it by reliving your beloved childhood experiences, or the beginnings of your romance. An itinerary visiting the places closest to your heart will make for great storytelling for your kids and help them get to know you better at the same time. Plus, they can help you recreate photos for a fun “before” and “after” photo book.

2. Learn together

Try something new together to enjoy an incredible family bonding experience. Step outside of your comfort zone to get your mind off of your responsibilities and to remember just how much you’re capable of. Whether it’s immersing yourselves in the world of art or learning how to snowboard, figuring things out together is a highly rewarding experience not soon forgotten.

Woman and child baking together

3. A whole new world

Transform your home into a faraway land with exotic decorations, magical music, and foreign food. Take turns cooking authentic meals, and introducing new customs and ways of living. Whether you’re mastering the art of using chopsticks or performing an Irish jig, you’ll have a blast together. Capture these moments and be sure to include them in your family photo album.

4. Foodie fun

What better way to spend a few days off than dazzling your senses with new dishes? Let every family member pick a place and then plan out an itinerary that revolves around delicious meals and sweet treats. They say the quickest way to your heart is through your stomach, and we would have to agree.

Young boy indoor rock climbing

5. Thrill seeking sojourn

Any adrenaline junkies in the family? Make their dreams come true with a week of hair raising activities. Whether it’s indoor rock climbing or tandem skydiving, take the plunge together to form an incredible bond. Exciting, heart pumping experiences make for the best shared memories and always stand out in the family yearbook.

6. Fandemonium

Does your family share a treasured band, singer, or sports team? Plan the ultimate fan’s weekend when your number one favourite comes to visit your town or nearest city. Get the tickets, dress the part, and soak in every moment of the special event before, during, and after. Staycation ideas like this work best with advanced planning – start your research today!

View out of open tent in forest

7. Modern family

Escape the everyday and blow your kids minds with a weekend of all things high tech. From immersive virtual experiences to augmented reality, there is a whole new world of innovation out there to explore. Get a head start on this future tech by embracing it wholeheartedly, together. You’ll know more about what your kids are up to – and you may just love it!

8. The great outdoors

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned camping trip! Spending time in nature, looking at the stars, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a great way to rest and reset. The key to success is good planning and shared responsibilities! The creative photo ops here are endless.

Whether your family tries something entirely new or leans into the familiar, the goal of a staycation is to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected. Choose something that will spark joy in your family unit, and then capture those beautiful moments in a MILK Photo Album to enjoy for years to come.

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