The importance of family photo books

The importance of creating family photo books and albums.

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Family photos are something special, for they capture beautiful moments in our lives, and within them, the family, friends, and pets that mean the most to us. They help us remember the good times, and keep in our hearts and minds experiences we might otherwise forget. Here are just a few reasons why creating family photo albums is a worthwhile exercise for every member of the family.

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Small efforts, big rewards.

Creating a MILK Family Photo Book or Album is fast and easy, whether you are choosing from your very best family photos or gathering snapshots of your everyday lives. With an easy to use Design Studio and a stunning end result, preserving the memories of your family has never been easier or more rewarding. Our books and albums are custom-made and crafted from the finest materials so you know you’re getting a quality, timeless product that will house your treasured memories for many years to come. We recommend our Premium Photo Book range for family keepsakes; this is our most popular option for all things family. Our Premium Photo Books are available in two sizes (medium or large) and three orientations (portrait, landscape or square). With endless customizable options, you can tailor our Premium range to your liking. Select your page count (up to 200 pages), paper type, cover fabric (including our Vegan Leather range), and a beautiful designer cover to introduce your book. It's truly the perfect format for family celebrations and everyday memories. And with our designer templates and smart autofill function, you can create a beautiful book in seconds.


Stealing moments in an ever changing world.

Think of all the snapshots we capture throughout our lives; your newborn’s first moments, dress-up days at kindergarten, their first day at school. We only need to look at ourselves in the mirror to see how fast things change. Capturing important firsts, moments of pride and accomplishment, and even the mundane daily tasks are a way of preserving everything as it is right now so we can look back, reminisce and see how far we’ve comeand how far we have yet to go. To inspire your creativity, we’ve put together a list of 6 photo tips we think every family should know. These will help you capture all of your wonderful family moments to share with future generations.

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Time travel.

We can reach out and travel through time in a way that is only possible through our photos. They allow us to look back upon the lives of our grandparents and those who came before us, and discover similarities with family members we may never have had the chance to meet. In turn, we can also share memories of family members who have passed on with children and grandchildren who wouldn’t otherwise have known them. They allow us to leave a legacy behind; we can pass them down through our families so that those special moments will last and bring joy for generations to come. Inject a new lease of a long-lasting life into your old photographs by scanning them and adding them into a beautiful photo book or album. This will give you the opportunity to preserve multiple high-quality copies of those images that matter, so they can best be treasured and appreciated.


The offline experience in an online world.

In the digital age, it can be all too easy to store the photographs of our lives and special moments on a computer and never get around to printing them. But how often do we back up and protect our digital copies, not to mention actually take the time to look through them? The experience of scrolling through a computer screen does not compare to the feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes with gently turning through beautifully printed pages in a real book or album. Photos tell our stories, and for this reason should be treasured, and most importantly enjoyed. They capture a moment, and that moment deserves to live on. Adding them to a photo keepsake will create room for more joy as looking upon them becomes more special.


Who you are.

Time inevitably passes and gets the better of us all. What do you want people to know about how you lived your life? A family photo book is a perfect way to capture the moments which are your most cherished and memorable. This will allow you to tell the story of who you were throughout your lifetime. Preserving the moments which are special to your heart will reflect who you are to anyone who gets to flip through the pages of your family keepsake, such as the future generations of your family who will be curious about what their wonderful ancestors were like. Putting together a keepsake will help you tell that story.


A thoughtful gift.

Give your family the gift of a premium photo book or album that will stand the test of time and celebrate your memories for years to come. What’s great is that there are so many ways you can go about doing this to reflect your unique life together. One idea perfect for families with young children is making an annual album or yearbook. When our precious little ones are young they reach new milestones all the time, and they change and grow so quickly. Making an album each year means you can capture more of those delightful moments, and preserve your little one’s growth. Once they get a bit older, you can reduce the frequency of the albums to focus on events, holidays and other rites of passage. 


Telling a story.

Think about your family’s story and which format will help you tell it in your best way. Options include individual albums focusing on each family member, family history albums which include things like family trees and genealogical information, memoriam books commemorating those who have passed, and any number of other themes. It’s never too late to start the process of keeping your beloved memories alive. Get inspired with these 6 great ideas for your next family photo book, lovingly created by the MILK community. You can also find inspiration in the MILK Gallery, where we showcase customer books printed with us.

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