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Capturing your family's magic.

two sisters with pool toys

They are the ones that bind us together, they are the ones that see us through it allthe special moments as well as the tough. From milestone moments to lazy Sundays, we’ve put together our tips for ensuring you capture the moments that make your family unique.



Family at the beach playing in the sand
Two sisters at the ice cream shop
Mother and son icing a cake
Family photo book.

Get in the photo.

Looking back on photos so often there is one person missingthe photographer. What makes photos so special is the people within them. Consider a portable tripod, use your camera or phones countdown timer or if you’re out in public, ask someone nearby to take the shot. At the very least mix up who is behind the camera so you are capturing the whole family.


Find the moments between the photos.

So often it’s the unplanned, imperfect moments that hold the lasting memories. Posed photos definitely have their place but capturing the natural moments shows the true essence of your family. People tend to relax after a photo has been taken so take a few more when they are unaware.


Capture your surroundings.

Where your photos are being taken are just as important as the people within them. Looking back on photos and seeing the surroundings can often transport you right back to the moment and bring the memories flooding back.


Have fun.

If you are planning on a family photo shoot try not to force it too much (kids quite often hate posing for photos). Let the process be fun and natural. Pick a fun activity like bike riding or a day at the beach where you know everyone will be having a great time. Their energy and mood will translate through the photos and bring a smile to your face when you look back on them.


The details that add depth. 

Often we get too focused on pictures of the person and forget to capture what they are doing. Capture your kids as they are reading as well as what they are reading, your spouse as they are cooking as well as what they are cooking. So often these are the things they love doing. Looking back they will be reminded of that book or family recipe, adding another layer of detail to the memory.


Everyday moments. 

Capturing the ‘realness’ of your family is important. So often it’s the quiet moments at home, the school pick-ups and family dinners that tell your family’s story. Don’t wait only for the big milestone moments to happenthey are happening around you every day. Set yourself a day and a challenge to take a photo every few hours to document a ‘day in the life’ of your family.


Create regularly. 

How much enjoyment do you get from looking back at photos of your parents and grandparents when they were young and seeing the journey of their life? Hearing the stories of a past that has now become a legacy? So many of our family photos end up online or stuck on our computer and are rarely revisited. With so many memories being built every yearcreating a family photo book or album and building a collection is a great way to preserve your memories and ensure this tradition is passed on to your children, and theirs.

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