6 photo tips every family should know

Capture what makes your family unique.

We are right in the midst of the glorious digital age. Gone are the days of ‘point, click and hope for the best’ photography. Now you can instantly check to see if someone’s eyes were closed or if the kids are pulling each other’s hair. You can also be super creative when planning and taking photos for family photo albums. We’ve put together 6 great ideas for family photos that will capture the essence, character, and unique qualities of your loved ones.

Siblings hiding behind a plant.

1. Pose creatively.

There will be times when you have to do posed family photos. But who says you have to all stand in a line? If you have a large family, consider making a human pyramid, piggyback each other, give shoulder rides, do handstands or leap in the air. Get creative! If you have access to a drone, you can get some truly creative shots from an entirely new perspective. If you don’t have a drone, then utilize a balcony, ladder, or sturdy chair for extra height.

Grandfather and grandchild

2. Unite the generations.

Some of the most powerful photos are those showcasing the generations within a family. Don’t forget to include grandparents or great grandparents along with new arrivals. These photos aren’t just a way to honor your family history, they’re a reminder of what really matters in life - loving your family while you can. These pictures will be treasured long after your loved ones are no longer around.


3. Recreate old family photos.

Track down some old family shots (the more embarrassing, the better) and repose them in the present with the same loved ones. Not only does this make for a cool perspective and photo but it’s also a great excuse to bring loved ones together. And the results, like life, are that magical mix of funny and poignant.

Baby and puppy on picnic blanket

4. Don’t forget the pets.

We all have treasured memories of our furry childhood best friend. So, don’t forget to include your animals in your shots. If you have a new baby and a pet, it can be a beautiful way to track the growth of both your child and the animal - as well as their growing relationship. For the best shots, get down to your pet’s eye level.


5. Head outside.

The outdoors are the perfect backdrop for family photos. Natural lighting, beautiful scenery, and absolutely free of charge. If you are heading outside as a family, whip out your camera and let the magic happen - even if it's just the backyard or an urban street. Remember that the best lighting for outdoor photos is in the early morning or the “golden” hour before sunset. Try facing your subjects towards the light to prevent unnatural shadows.

Family in Paris

 6. Capture the weird and the wonderful.

Instead of trying to hide your family’s quirkiness behind perfectly posed pics, try embracing it. Take photos designed to capture the unique energy and interests of your family. If you are an active bunch, get outdoors and capture the action. Use burst mode and a fast shutter speed for action shots. If you are into Star Wars, wear your themed t-shirts or even indulge in a bit of cosplay. Think about what makes your family different and instead of running from it, lean into it.


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