Our new Magazine Presentation Box

The finishing touch to your love story

Introducing the newest addition to our Presentation Box range, a luxurious and durable storage solution made specifically for the MILK Wedding Magazine. Our Magazine Presentation Boxes seamlessly blend durability with style and will safeguard your keepsake for generations to treasure. Delicately handcrafted to order, this is the perfect way to protect and display your MILK keepsake.

MILK Wedding Magazine Presentation Box features

Premium Coated Cloth fabric

Two elegant and contemporary color options

Textured Italian paper lining

Silk lift-out ribbon

Handcrafted to order

High quality, durable fabric

Two different colors of Premium Coated Cloth fabric on Presentation Boxes

Our Wedding Magazine Presentation Boxes are hand-bound from Premium Coated Cloth and are available in a choice of two elegant colors - Black and Metallic Pearl. This high quality cotton fabric is sealed with a glossy coating ensuring both a durable and sophisticated home for your cherished memories.

Luxurious Italian textured paper lining

Open Presentation Box highlighting Italian paper linining

The interior of our Presentation Box is lined with exquisite textured Italian paper and features a false bottom, precisely adjusted to accommodate the specific page count of your magazine. This ensures a snug and secure fit, safeguarding your precious memories.

Elegant silk lift-out ribbon

Open Presentation Box with Wedding Magazine being lifted with black silk ribbon inside box

Unveil your Wedding Magazine with ease using the fine silk lift-out ribbon. This small but elegant detail not only enhances the tactile experience but makes for an easy reveal of your special day.

Handcrafted for every memory

Open Presentation Box with MILK Wedding Magazine inside

Each Presentation Box is meticulously handcrafted to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your cherished keepsake. With no detail overlooked, this is a unique storage solution designed to complement and celebrate your Wedding Magazine.

At MILK Books we believe the biggest moments of your life should be remembered forever and that your cherished memories should be celebrated and enjoyed for generations. Our new Magazine Presentation Boxes, made with the same love, integrity and care as our Photo Books and Albums, ensure that your big day can be displayed beautifully and relived time and time again.

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