MILK Softcover Photo Books

Introducing our gorgeous new format: Softcover Photo Books

At MILK, we're masters of the photo book. Handcrafted using age-old techniques and the finest materials, we've spent years carefully curating our dedicated hardcover range. We wouldn't depart this tradition for any old softcover. To be worthy of your moments, we knew that our Softcover Photo Book would have to be exceptional; flexible yet strong, elegant yet fun, affordable yet luxurious. After years of research, development and fine-tuning, we've created a softcover format that we're proud to add to our range. Put simply, we've perfected a classic. Introducing our gorgeous new format: Softcover Photo Books.​

Softcover Photo Book features

French fold covers

Double sided, panoramic cover designs

Water varnished matt card cover

Archival quality paper options

4-color printing

24-200 pages

Available in Medium Landscape, Square or Portrait

Elegant French fold covers

Two Softcover Photo Books, one slightly open to show inner French fold

Our unfolding front and back covers add an extra dimension to your book and allow you to get creative with your keepsake. Extend your photos further and create playful covers that take your project to the next level. Made from water varnished matt card, not only are these covers sleek and stylish but they're durable too.

Panoramic printing on the inside and outside cover

Open Softcover Photo Book showing fully extended inside cover with beach image

What makes our Softcovers stand above the competition is the ability to print your most-loved moments on the outside and inside covers. Our range of designer templates allow you to start telling your story beautifully before you get to the first page.

For your outside cover: Showcase a sprawling front-to-back panoramic image or a selection of your favorite frames. Add text to the folds or choose to extend your photos further. Our design templates offer the option to add up to 4 images and your choice of text. 

For your inside covers: We've kept it simple with the only a single full-bleed image template available for your front and back cover. Watch your favorite moments unfold end to end and to powerful effect. Or if you'd prefer to go truly minimal, we offer the option to print a solid color from our palette of 12.

Contemporary design fit for every occasion

Eight Softcover Photo Books showing a variety of designer template options

We call this format "zine-style" because its polished card cover and fine art paper pages remind us of a modern magazine. And like a modern magazine, a Softcover will elevate any coffee table and shelf they grace. They're collectable, fun and versatile making them the go-to format to showcase any story. Perfect for your wedding moments, travel adventures, family photos and everything in between. 

Made with archival and sustainable materials

Close up of Softcover Photo Book

Don't be fooled by this lightweight format, Softcovers are designed to last in style. Created using the popular PUR book binding method, stunning 4 color printing and archival quality paper stocks, your photos won't fade in these long-lasting photo books. Plus, the outer cover is water varnished matt card which gives a signature look and a protective quality too.

A format fit for every story.

Travel Softcover Photo Book with cover image of summer day at beach

Travel Adventures

Wedding Softcover Photo Book with cover image of newlywed couple

Wedding Book

Family Softcover Photo Book with cover image of family

Family Memento

Everyday Softcover Photo Book with cover image of young boy

Everyday Photo Book

Inspiration from our community

50 Things...

Elissa Bottles, USA

Open Photo Book showing image of family in the grass

This book is a beautiful display of love from Elissa to her husband. Each page is a tribute to him in a beautiful and personal way.

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Karielle & Andrew

Karielle Reichert, USA

Open Wedding Photo Album showing spread of newlywed portraits

Married at a Californian cactarium, Karielle & Andrew's wedding portraits looked beautiful against the native desert plant life.

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A Day at the Beach

Josie Blines, Australia

Classic Photo Album with image of family at beach on the cover

Between exploring rock pools and sandy cuddles, we see this family's love and laughter beautifully preserved.

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