10 of our most-loved maternity photos

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We’re never short of inspiration when it comes to the MILK community and we’re privileged to see hundreds of beautiful maternity photo books that celebrate the wonder of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is often a time that is wished away; nine months spent counting down until the moment you have your beautiful infant in your arms. But you won’t be pregnant forever and believe us when we say you will never regret having maternity photos and memories to look back on.

So, whether you’re thriving in pregnancy or contending with relentless discomfort, consider celebrating the bump with a photo shoot. We’ve gone through and selected just 10 of our most-loved maternity photos, and the photo books they feature in, to get you feeling inspired to celebrate this chapter.


1. Our Bump

This beautiful photo book captures mother nature in all its glory; with the beautiful beaches of Manly, Sydney serving as the maternity shoot's backdrop. At 38 weeks pregnant, we can't imagine anything more relaxing for this mum-to-be than a shoot that involves floating in the sea!


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2. Letters to my son


This photo book captures every little detail of Jamie's pregnancy; from the moment they discovered they were expecting, to days curled up on the couch, and moment their son was born. We particularly loved the fuss-free nature of this maternity shot. A candid moment captured by 'Auntie Lauren and Uncle Nick'.


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3. Our Family


Beautiful afternoon light gives these maternity photos an ethereal feel, with affectionate glances Featuring in a photo book created by Sean, including all members of the family ensures it's a celebration for everyone.


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4. Kaan Musa Mehmet

We love this beautiful outdoor maternity-meets-family photo shoot. Featuring both Mum, Dad and brother, the book captures the precious moments before a family of three become four.

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5. To My Sister

Zachary Thompson, Switzerland


6. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania

Scott Tindal, Australia


7. Mr & Mrs Nuku

Mele Tau'alupe, New Zealand


8. Jason & Sundae

Sundae Ngo, New Zealand

Bride speaking with elderly man

9. Our Wedding

Alana Salmon, Australia

Art piece of sunflowers and portrait

10. 2020

Alexis Winter, Australia

Newlyweds pose with dog

We created an online photo book from this great collection.


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