10 of our most-loved maternity photos

Moments that left us speechless

We’re never short of inspiration when it comes to the MILK community, and we’re privileged to print hundreds of beautiful maternity and baby books that celebrate the wonder of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is often a time that is wished away; nine months spent counting down until the moment you have your beautiful baby in your arms. But you won’t be pregnant forever and believe us when we say you will never regret having maternity photos and memories to look back on.

Consider celebrating the impending arrival of your little one with a heartfelt photoshoot. We’ve selected ten of our most-loved maternity photos to inspire you.

1. My Pregnancy Journey

Pregnant woman in white stands in lake with sunset behind her silhouette

Chloe’s pregnancy journey is beautifully captured in one of our softcover formats, filled with incredible maternity photography and well wishes from her closest friends and family. This beautiful photo of Chloe, set against a serene backdrop of calm seas and a softening sun, perfectly encapsulates the beauty and anticipation of pregnancy.

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2. August

Pregnant woman stretches in front of sunrise in dried grass field

One of many stunning maternity photos preserved in our magazine format, Rheana’s evolving family is beautifully captured as they grow from a family of two, to three and finally four. Their first maternity shoot, which captures Rheana and her partner before the arrival of their first baby, is set amidst a sun-kissed wheat field, making for a collection of radiant photos to be treasured for years to come.

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3. My Family

Blonde pregnant woman wearing white dress sitting in yellow flower field

Nestled within the pages of a treasured family photo book is an expectant mother enveloped in a golden meadow of yellow flowers. She is illuminated by the soft light of the sun as she sits with her delicate baby bump. This beautiful maternity photo showcases not just the serene anticipation of new life, but also the enduring strength and unity of her family alongside the other photos in this keepsake.

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4. Emma

Black and white maternity photo of parents holding pregnant belly by window

In this tender black and white maternity photo, we witness an intimate moment shared between expectant parents. With a loving touch and cradling of the mother’s burgeoning belly, it offers a glimpse at the powerful connection that already exists between the pair and their unborn child.

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5. Our Growing Family

Pregnant woman in rusty orange dress stands by lake with soft afternoon light hitting water reflection

This Premium Photo Book features a maternity photoshoot tucked away at a hidden ethereal pond. Every photo in this treasured keepsake is brightened by the mother's smile, illuminated by beaming sunlight. These photos preserve the shared joy and tender emotions of this remarkable chapter in the parents' lives.

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6. Maternity & Newborn

Woman in white night gown poses in front of grey photoshoot background

Embracing the private ambience of an indoor studio, this mother-to-be has chosen the perfect setting for her maternity photo shoot. An indoor session not only allows for various backdrops and more control of the lighting, it offers a level of comfort and creativity that can’t always be matched outdoors. We loved these maternity photos, and the way the delicate, ethereal robe adds an air of timelessness and sophistication to the image.

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7. Twenty Twenty

Close up of pregnant belly as woman holds it in her hands

This beautiful moment, photographed against the backdrop of a picturesque field at twilight, celebrates not only maternity but the anticipation of an expanding family. The resulting photo book captures the essence of their family before the arrival of the newest member, serving as a cherished reminder of their shared affection and excitement during this new chapter.

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8. Before We Were Three

Pregnant couple embrace in front of fireplace mirror and wear white outfits

These soon-to-be-parents have captured quiet moments of anticipation from the intimacy of their own home. A familiar setting filled with love and comfort provides the perfect backdrop for maternity photography. We love the way these photos beautifully illustrate the start of a new chapter in this couple’s love story.

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9. January - June

Japanese mother and daughter sit on brown leather couches together smiling

In a beautifully curated Softcover Photo Book, a mother tells the story of her unwavering love and the countless cherished moments with her growing family. This moment in her pregnancy journey captures the unbreakable bond between the mother and her daughter as her sibling waits to be born.

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10. Māori Bay, Muriwai

Family of three walk on Muriwai Beach, New Zealand holding hands

Bathed in the soft glow of the setting sun at Muriwai Beach in New Zealand, a family of three stroll along the shore, hand in hand. We adore the gentle warmth of the sunlight kissing the waves, which create a heartwarming scene of togetherness, captured in rose-colored hues.

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Pregnancy is a chapter that at times may seem long and demanding, yet it is a fleeting moment in your family’s story. These cherished maternity photos, beautifully compiled by members of the MILK community into long lasting photo books and albums, will forever preserve the memories and moments of a special chapter. Don’t let the journey pass you by; embrace it, capture photos and create memories to treasure for generations.

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