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At MILK we pride ourselves on bringing the timeless design principles from our award-winning photographic table books to help you create your own beautiful, elegant photo books. As such we’re excited to add five new fonts to our design selection. Carefully curated for their timeless look and feel, they give you more choice when it comes to preserving your beloved moments. Our expert design team strives to help customers create books with confidence and have carefully selected fonts to match your different design needs. Discover our new fonts below.

Premium Photo Book with Americane Condensed font title

This strong Sans Serif font has a clean, simple design. Its bold format makes it easy to read and is perfect for making a statement.
Perfect for: Cover text, strong headlines. It's a space saving font, so it's also helpful when trying to fit longer words onto your cover.

Premium Photo Book with Noto Sans font title

This Sans Serif font has a friendly and approachable feel. Its rounded edges make it easy to read and perfect for print. Noto Sans is a font created for the world, meaning it supports a range of languages and characters.
Perfect for: Cover text, lots of text, smaller font size, multi-language projects.

Premium Photo Book with Playfair Display font title

This modern yet classic Serif font is a beautiful option to introduce your book. Inspired by the Baskerville font, Playfair Display is set apart by an extra large x-height (that's the height of the lowercase letters) and a more cheerful design. 
Perfect for: Titles, headlines, larger text, short captions, European languages.

Premium Photo Book with Recline font title

This elegant Serif font offers a modern way to tell your story. It has a beautiful and serene quality that feels suited to contemporary projects. 
Perfect for: Wedding magazines, titles, short captions, fashion portfolios, creative projects.

Premium Photo Book with Sonneta Script font title

This beautiful handwritten font is perfect to add an emotive touch to your writing. Its free-flowing style gives a feeling of care-free spontaneity.
Perfect for: Wedding books, lyrics, short quotes, simple captions, titles with a larger font size.

More languages, more flexibility

Not only is Noto Sans a modern, easy-to-read font, it's also a global font that offers multi-language support giving you more flexibility to tell your story.

Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Devanagari characters available

Large range of diacritics supported (e.g. macrons, accents, umlauts)

220 African languages

174 American languages

198 Asian languages

175 European languages

39 Oceanic languages

Keep an eye out in the near future for Japanese, Chinese and Korean character support.

Plus, don't forget our existing fonts

Premium Photo Book with Baskerville font title

This traditional Serif font was designed in the 1750s. Ambitious for its time, this typeface is now a classic and it's enduring nature speaks to its beauty.
Perfect for: Long blocks of writing like vows or poetry, quotes, family heirlooms.

Premium Photo Book with Brandon Grotesque font title

This font is a classic Sans Serif choice which suits all occasions. The versatile font is easy to read, light, and great for a minimalist aesthetic.
Perfect for: Family projects, travel mementos, refined projects.

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