Family Photo Albums

Tell the story of your unique family and create a treasure

Every quirk, talent, and flaw tells a story of who your family is and just what makes it so special. And every day we share moments of intimacy, laughter, kindness and most importantly love with our family as we build our lives together. There is nothing quite like family, and there is no better way to document your life’s unique and precious moments together than with a MILK Family Photo Book or Album.

Four children playing in the snow during winter in Japan

Family Photo Books

Our MILK Family Photo Books are the perfect way to treasure your family moments. From a family reunion to a graduation, MILK Books are a touching gift for Mother's or Father's Day or simply a way to display all your treasured family memories.

Premium Family Photo Books

For an enduring keepsake that you will treasure for generations you can't go past our most-loved range of Premium Family Photo Books. Created with the highest quality fabrics, paper, and printing techniques, and combined with timeless layouts designed by expert book makers, these Photo Books will ensure your family moments last several lifetimes.


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Classic Family Photo Books

A beautiful linen cover with your choice of photo displayed perfectly on the front, our Classic Family Photo Books are the perfect way to build the library of your family’s most treasured moments.


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Softcover Family Photo Books

The perfect gift for family members or the ideal format to create a family collection. Our Softcover Family Photo Books are a fantastic place to house your everyday family moments.


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Family Photo Albums

Capture those cherished memories in our exquisite hand-made MILK Family Photo Albums. You’ll love our beautiful board-mounted, lay-flat pages, housed safely by adding a MILK Presentation Box. For that special family outing, family holiday, birthday celebration, or to simply reflect upon another year, our contemporary templates will ensure your story is preserved in a timeless way.

Premium Family Photo Albums

Beautiful textures, weighty board pages and stunning 6-color printing, our Premium Family Photo Albums are the ultimate for family memory keeping. Plus with our new Designer Cover templates, there are even more ways to add a special touch to your album. 


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Classic Family Photo Albums

A wonderful gift for family and way to preserve your favorite moments from the year. You’ll love looking back on your most treasured memories in a Classic Family Photo Album.


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3 Piece Family Sets

Build a beautiful wedding collection with these great sets. Perfect for the everyday family moments and the big milestone events. Record it all and create a legacy collection that will be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Premium 3 Piece Family Set

Your milestone moments spent together keep beautifully in this set. Preserve your family history with this archival quality collection and save 35%


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Classic 3 Piece Family Set

A great way to preserve all of your favorite family moments. Save 33% when you lay the foundation of your family collection.


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The quality of MILK album is second to… 23/08/23
Milestone: family
The quality of MILK album is second to none. I wish the prices were more reasonable, however, the high quality of the product is what makes me return to MILK time and time again when creating albums for my children. I know that they will treasure them as they get older and will be their lifetime treasures.
Family present 20/08/23
Milestone: family
Very easy to work with it and I love the details The material is better then I was expecting there aren’t enough stars to rate it Is definitely for a life time present
Great 20/08/23
Milestone: family
Great! Been doing an annual family photo album each year for over 5yrs with milk book. Alway beautiful!
Beautiful keepsake book highly recommend 13/08/23
Milestone: family
The books is stunning and so well made. Milk also made sure my book arrived swiftly as I was a little late in submitting so very thankful for that. My grandmother who turned 80 loved it!
The book was really easy to prepare 04/08/23
Milestone: family
The book was really easy to prepare, even from my phone. Delivery was quick and the product itself was superb quality.
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Our Top Picks

We have selected some of our most elegant and popular family heirloom books & albums to help you find what's right for you.

Frequently asked questions

A family photo book or album is the perfect way to record your family's unique story or to celebrate the milestone moments and everyday memories you share together. Rather than keeping your photos stored away on a phone, computer, or tucked away in a storage box gathering dust, preserve them for generations in a high quality photo book or album. Here are just a few reasons why we think creating family photo books and albums is a worthwhile experience for every member of the family:

  • Small efforts, big rewards - Creating is easy in our Design Studio. A little effort now produces a lifelong treasure.
  • Stealing moments in an ever changing world - Time flies and moments blur into one. But with a photo book you can cherry pick your favorites and give them new life.
  • Time travel - Freeze a moment in time and return for a visit with just a turn of the page.
  • The offline experience in an online world - Screens don't do your moments justice. There's no comparison for a hold-in-your-hands experience.
  • A thoughtful gift - In a time of here today, gone tomorrow trends, why not give something that will endure and most importantly, be loved.
  • Telling a story - Share your story, your way and let it live on in print.

Loved by more than 250,000 customers around the world, discover what our customers are saying about MILK and what they're creating.

At MILK, we offer a range of high quality print products, perfect for preserving life's special moments.

  • Softcover Photo Books - Available in three medium orientations. 24-200 paper pages. Durable PUR binding. 4-color printing. Customizable double-sided photo cover. An affordable gift or a fantastic way to build a family collection.
  • Classic Photo Books - Available in three landscape formats. 24-200 paper pages. Durable PUR binding. 4-color printing. Linen cover with your choice of photo displayed on the front. The perfect way to start building the library of your life and a great option for gifting.
  • Premium Photo Books - Our most popular range. Available in six different sizes and orientations. 24-200 paper pages. Durable PUR binding. 6-color printing. Variety of cover fabrics, designs and personalization options. Great for everything from family celebrations to travels and everyday memories.
  • Classic Photo Albums - High quality albums at an affordable price. Available in two landscape formats. 24-64 thick paper pages. 4-color printing. Lay-flat flush mount binding. An elegant format for your most treasured memories.
  • Premium Photo Albums - The ultimate in luxury memory-keeping. Available in six different sizes and orientations. 24-64 thick paper pages. 6-color printing. Lay-flat flush mount binding. Our most popular format for family legacy projects.

Compare our range to discover the product that's right for you or browse the gallery to discover what other family projects MILK customers are creating.

There are so many ways to create a family photo book. Create a yearbook with all the memorable moments from the year that was; celebrate a beloved family pet; commemorate a loved one's milestone birthday or mark a new addition to the family with a record of those precious first moments. Get inspired with more ideas for your next family photo book, and browse the gallery to see what other family books are being created in the MILK community.

Discover our top family photo tips to ensure you capture all the moments that matter - from lazy Sundays at home to the milestone events you want to relive time and time again.

  • Get in the photo
  • Find the moments between the photos
  • Capture your surroundings
  • Have fun
  • The details the add depth
  • Everyday moments
  • Create regularly

Absolutely. Old scanned photos add a beautiful layer of history and uniqueness to your family photo album and make for beautiful viewing for generations to come. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through the old albums or storage boxes and pull together your favorite old photographs.
  • Before scanning, make sure you remove any surface dust or debris. Ensure the picture is placed as flat as possible, and scanned at the highest resolution possible.
  • Create digitized copies by scanning them with either a traditional scanner or your smartphone (some good apps for scanning are Pic Scanner, Heirloom, Shoebox or Google PhotoScan).
  • Once stored on your computer, select a stunning photo book or photo album to display them in and start creating.

Need help getting started? Discover the MILK Blog and learn how to create a photo book or album fast; watch Design Studio tip videos to master the creative process; or see our advice on how to sort, organize and select the photos that bring your story to life.