8 photo book ideas for Christmas

8 photo book ideas for Christmas

To give you some inspiration this festive season, we have picked 8 unique books made by our MILK community to share with you. This is the time to celebrate friends and loved ones, so what better way to do that than with your memories preserved in print.



1. Celebrate a great year with your family

Square Photo Book with family image on the spread.

Each new year brings with it a new collection of great moments to cherish. Preserve the milestone moments, the everyday moments and everything in between in a MILK Photo Book or Album. Yearbooks are a great addition to the library of your family’s life.



2. Write a love letter to someone special in your life

Classic Photo Book with couple on the front cover.

Let your love and appreciation be reflected in a personalized MILK Photo Book or Album. They're a truly meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come. Combining traditional book-making techniques and the latest printing technology, we will put just as much love into your book as you.



3. Create coffee table book gifts

Classic Photo Book with photography images.

Our books are perfect for proudly showcasing your artistic side and they look great on coffee tables. Share the world through your lens, pencil or paintbrush.



4. Remake an old family album

Landscape photo book with old family images.

Old photographs are a treasured part of each family’s history. These glimpses of time gone by ought to be cherished. Unfortunately, these old photos do deteriorate over time. Preserve them in a beautiful archival quality MILK Photo Album.

To find out how to scan your old photographs, visit this blog.



5. Create a storybook of your child's adventures

Moleskine Photo Book with children in the garden.

Make your children the main characters in their very own storybook. Our designer layouts and Autofill feature make it easy. Plus, you can narrate the book to create a tale of adventure that your children will look back on and cherish.



6. Print what inspires you

Portrait photo book with photography images.

What inspires you? Is it your art, your favorite recipes or photography? Gift something they can flick through and be inspired by time and again. Share the moments you love with the people you love in a beautiful photo book or album.



7. Share your travel adventures

Landscape photo book with travel images.

Nothing compares to experiencing travel moments in print. Bring your travel photos to life in the stunning 6-color print of a Premium Photo Book or the world-renowned design of Moleskine. Add custom text to tell the story of your travel adventure and revisit your memorable travel moments from your coffee table.



8. Make a pet project

Classic Photo Book with dog images.

Don’t forget the four-legged family members. Never far from our side, there’s no doubt that your camera roll is full of personality-packed portraits of love, loyalty and companionship. Scatter these throughout your family album or give them a project of their own in a Classic Photo Book. Either way, get these photos offline celebrate them in print.


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