Moleskine Photo Books

Used by the likes of Picasso, Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson and countless others to collect their thoughts and memories, these classic notebooks have a wonderful heritage. Start your history right now by adding your images and making your own creative masterpiece.

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Medium Moleskine Photo Books

  • Most popular Moleskine format
  • Square 8 x 8" (20.3 x 20.3cm) or Landscape 9.25 x 7.4" (23.5 x 18.8cm)
  • 20-80 pages
  • Matt Ivory archival quality paper
  • Vibrant 6-color printing
  • Section-sewn binding
  • Classic black hardcover with rounded corners
  • Trademark elastic band, ribbon bookmark and inner pocket

Monograph Moleskine Photo Book

  • Elegant, minimal cover
  • Landscape 9.25 x 7.4" (23.5 x 18.8cm)
  • 60 pages (fixed)
  • Matt Ivory archival quality paper
  • Vibrant 6-color printing
  • Section-sewn binding
  • Classic black hardcover with rounded corners
  • Trademark elastic band, ribbon bookmark and inner pocket

Classic Moleskine Photo Books

  • Iconic notebook format
  • Portrait 5.12 x 8.19" (13 x 20.8cm) or Landscape 8.15 x 5.12" (20.7 x 13cm)
  • 96 pages (fixed)
  • Matt Ivory archival quality paper
  • Vibrant 6-color printing
  • Section-sewn binding
  • Classic black hardcover with rounded corners
  • Trademark elastic band, ribbon bookmark and inner pocket

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  • Creative art books
  • Photography portfolios
  • Travel chronicles
  • Contemporary wedding books
  • Innovative family mementos
  • Inspirational journals

Ideal if:

  • You want to create a modern keepsake.
  • You want to embrace your creativity in renown quality.

Discover what our customers are creating with their Moleskine Photo Books. Simply head to the MILK Gallery where we showcase their projects and tick the 'Moleskine' filter.

All MILK products take time to carefully craft by hand. Moleskine Photo Books take an estimated 7-12 days in production. All products are then shipped from Hong Kong via Priority Shipping (a premium express service) or Economy Shipping. Final shipping costs and delivery times are calculated at checkout. Visit our Shipping Information page for more details.

We guarantee the quality of our products. If you’re not entirely satisfied, contact us within 14 days upon receiving your order so we can make it right. Learn more about our Satisfaction Promise and Returns Policy.

For helpful tips and inspiration, see the Frequently Asked Questions about our Moleskine Photo Books.

Moleskine Photo Book video
Two Moleskine Classic Landscape Photo Books

Loved by famous thinkers for over 100 years

First made over a century ago by traditional French bookbinders, Moleskine notebooks have been used by some of the world’s most creative people. Join their ranks when you create yours today. Our blog is filled with all the creative inspiration you may need to get started.

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Iconic, world renowned design

Trademark tactile black covers, rounded corners and luxurious Ivory paper are all synonymous with minds that see the world a different way. These days photographers, artists, poets and designers still use these iconic books to capture their inspirational moments.

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Open Moleskine Photo Book showing ribbon marker and back pocket
Nine Moleskine Classic Portrait Photo Books open to artsy spreads

What better place for your inspirational moments?

This is your chance to add a personal touch to a Moleskine with your words, sketches and photographs. To choose an image or title for the front cover that will inspire you and your loved ones to reach for it time and time again. To fill it with, and keep for all time, those special moments (or fabulous handed down family recipes) that have made your life exceptional.

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Turn heads before you turn pages

If it’s a portfolio you want to create, look no further. Prospective clients won’t be able to resist your MILK Moleskine book – it speaks volumes about you before they even look through it, while the stitched, open binding means your book will stay open to display your work regardless of whether it’s the landscape or portrait format you decide on.

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Close up of stitch bound Moleskine Photo Book spread
Laptop open to show preview of online Moleskine Photo Book

Easy to share online with friends

Receive a free digital version of your book or album and easily share it online with friends and family online.

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Making your book is easy

Make your own unique Moleskine Photo Book in our powerful, intuitive Design Studio. It's available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices meaning you can design-on-the-go and alternate between devices with ease. If you’d prefer to work directly within Photos on your Mac, simply download the MILK Books Photo Extension for Apple Photos. We want you to enjoy making your book as much as receiving your book. We also offer support if you need a hand.

Ready to start crafting your Moleskine Photo Book?

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Moleskine Classic Portrait Photobook 03/05/24
A unique gift that brings the quality and ceremony of an artifact that will be kept for many years if not forever.
Moleskine Classic Portrait Photobook 25/04/24
Very happy with the result! Just wish they could be made to fit more pages, so I could include even more. But love the book!
Moleskine Medium Landscape Photobook 16/04/24
Stunning, the moleskin design is very high quality and looks beautiful.
Moleskine Classic Portrait Photobook 10/04/24
Turned out really well, really happy with them.
Moleskine Medium Square Photobook 15/03/24
Such great quality
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Frequently asked questions

Our Moleskine Photo Books are created using genuine Moleskine materials. Each one has the signature features Moleskine is renowned for: a classic black hardcover with rounded corners, an elastic band with a silk ribbon marker and matt ivory art paper, for you to personalize to your heart's content. Every Moleskine Photo Book is printed in 6-color using HP Indigo liquid inks.

There are 5 sizes and formats available:

  • Medium Landscape 9.25 x 7.4'' (23.5 x 18.8cm)
  • Medium Square 8 x 8'' (20.3 x 20.3cm)
  • Landscape Monograph 9.25 x 7.4'' (23.5 x 18.8cm)
  • Classic Landscape 8.15 x 5.12'' (20.7 x 13.0cm)
  • Classic Portrait 5.12 x 8.19'' (13.0 x 20.8cm)

Our most popular Moleskine Photo Book is the Medium Photo Book orientation. If you have a lot of photos, we recommend you create with our Moleskine formats that have higher page counts - Moleskine Classic Photo Books have 96 pages, Moleskine Medium Photo Books have up to 80 pages. If you like the traditional notebook style, favored by creatives, then go for our Classic Portrait Photo Book to personalize with. If you have a lot of 3:2 (the classic 4 x 6") photos, then our Medium Square Photo Book would be ideal. Browse the MILK Gallery and get inspired by what other people are creating.

The Moleskine Photo Book maximum page count varies with each of the three formats available.

  • Moleskine Classic Landscape and Portrait Photo Books have a fixed page count of 96.
  • Moleskine Landscape Monograph Photo Books have a fixed page count of 60.
  • Moleskine Medium Photo Books range from 20-80 pages.

Discover the MILK Gallery where we showcase, with their permission, the beautiful photo books and albums our customers have been creating and personalizing. Here you can filter the photo books and albums displayed by theme, product type, range, format and country. Simply select Moleskine from the range list to browse customer books for inspiration. We love the Moleskine Photo Book Street Art, created by Stefan from Germany. A triumph of creativity, this book is a celebration of beauty in the most unlikely of places.

When you print your MILK & Moleskine Photo Book, you receive free ongoing online storage of your print files. We will never delete your printed projects, so you can always return to them to print more copies in the future.