Wedding Photo Albums

A beautiful way to preserve your happiest day

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a wedding. From the engagement to the planning and right up until the moment you say “I do”, you feel the momentum building. Your unique love story is finally being told in witness to all those who are important to you, and a new chapter begins. Those celebratory feelings, the warmth of all your friends and family, and your time in the spotlight is a once-in-a-lifetime event you will cherish forever.

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Wedding Photo Albums

Our Photo Albums are the ultimate keepsake to preserve your wedding day. Board-mounted pages which lie perfectly flat, allow you to capture stunning panoramic spreads and every special moment. Add a beautiful Presentation Box and know that your photo album will be kept safe for years to come.

Classic Wedding Photo Albums

Simple and elegant. Affordable luxury at its finest. Our Classic Photo Albums are the perfect way to treasure your special moments. 


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Premium Wedding Photo Albums

Our Premium Photo Albums offer more design options to make that precious keepsake as unique as your special day. Begin your love story with one of our Designer Cover templates or simply add your own text and image for a unique personal touch.


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Premium Leather Wedding Photo Albums

Luxury at its finest. Exquisite black or white Italian Leather Photo Albums for those who want to preserve their special day in the most exquisite way possible. Add your own text or image to the cover or explore our exquisite Designer Cover options -  both will add a unique and personal finish to your wedding album.


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The MILK Wedding Magazine

Perfect for the modern love story, the MILK Wedding Magazine is a contemporary way to preserve your special day. Elegant and minimal, celebrate your wedding photos in a unique, modern format. They’re perfect for your coffee table and their luxurious, sleek style means it’s a memento you’ll love to show-off to friends or simply return to for a trip down memory lane.

The Wedding Magazine

Share your modern love story in contemporary luxury. Our beautiful Wedding Magazine is for couples who want understated elegance. With 100-200 pages, you have more than enough space to include speeches, vows, first looks and more. Spare no detail; there's ample opportunity to tell your story, your way.


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Wedding Photo Books

Design your dream wedding memento with one of our MILK Photo Books made with premium quality materials. From our Classic range to our Softcover range and Premium, you will be inspired knowing every photo book will keep your special day safe. Fill up to 200 beautiful pages with all your special moments. Our timeless and contemporary template designs mean your memories will be elegantly preserved and your big day can be relived anytime you want.

Premium Photo Books

Our most popular and luxurious format. Hand-bound with archival quality materials designed to last for at least 100 years, with a wide range of beautiful template options to tell the story of your love.


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Moleskine Photo Books

If you'd like something a little different, our Moleskine Photo Books make creative wedding books, or cool companion books to your main album to give to family and friends.


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Softcover Photo Books

Our Softcover Photo Books are perfect for newlyweds that are looking to add something contemporary to their wedding collection. A zine-style format, it’s a stylish, modern and affordable way to showcase every moment of your special day. Perfect for gifting to in-laws, grandparents or just for you.


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Classic Photo Books

Classic Wedding Photo Book will be cherished by the whole family. Covered with Classic Linen fabric and your most-loved photo on the cover, your moments will be treasured for generations.


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Wedding Guest Books

Let your loved ones leave their mark on your special day with a Wedding Guest Book. Our Guest Books allow you to effortlessly display your most-loved photos alongside handwritten messages, making for a sentimental keepsake you can cherish forever. Board-mounted pages designed to lay perfectly flat makes for a beautiful statement piece to have at home. 

Wedding Guest Books

Our Wedding Guest Book, handcrafted using archival quality materials and featuring vibrant 6-color printing, is the perfect keepsake that will capture the essence of your special day for years to come.

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3 Piece Wedding Sets

Build your wedding collection with a timeless 3 piece set. Create beautiful gifts to celebrate your special day with parents and friends. Record it all and preserve your wedding story to be enjoyed from generation to generation.

3 Piece Wedding Sets

Tell the story of your perfect day beautifully with a 3 Piece Set. Choose between our Classic or Premium option, both of which include 1x Large Photo Album and 2x Medium Photo Albums. Create your own treasured keepsake as well as the perfect thank you for parents. And at a fraction of the cost.


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Amazing quality - highly recommend! 14/09/23
Milestone: wedding
It took us a whole year from getting married in NYC to actually finding a style of photo album that suited us as a couple. As soon as I saw the Milk Magazine photo albums I knew it was what we wanted. The online creation process was stress free and the website makes uploading photos really easy. The book itself took a few weeks to come but it was absolutely worth the wait. It is such high quality and exactly what we wanted for our coffee table. The cover is thick and sturdy and the pages look professional. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for every photo album in the future!
Easy to use, good customer service and wonderful product 09/09/23
Milestone: wedding
Overall great experience and would recommend and use again. The website is easy to use for novies, and gets you excited on what the product will look like in your hands. I had some issues with sorting out my prepaid vouchers, but customer service were accessible and approachable. The product is professional and beautiful. Thank you!
In LOVE With My Wedding & Engagement Magazines 08/09/23
Milestone: wedding
MILK Books' wedding magazine collection is absolutely stunning. The large size shows off your photos while the finish makes it look professionally made. Their templates made the creation process really easy while still offering customization for that personal touch. I will definitely be using MILK Books again to display future photos.
Stunning Photobook 08/09/23
Milestone: wedding
Easy to use photobook creator tool, good variety of layouts to choose from, and beautiful cover options!
High quality with great service 08/09/23
Milestone: wedding
Great service and the book itself is amazing. Very high quality and exactly what we hoped for. Online software was also very user friendly and made designing very easy. All around very impressed.
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Our Top Picks

We have selected some of our most exquisite and popular wedding keepsakes to help you find what's right for you.

Frequently asked questions

Simply enter the MILK Design Studio. You don’t need to download an application; all you have to do is open the Design Studio in your browser to get started.

  • Step 1 - Choose the photo album that's right for you (Premium, Premium Leather or Classic)
  • Step 2 - Upload your images to your MILK library
  • Step 3 - Start designing

Our Design Studio is intuitive and filled with helpful functions (and a handy undo button). We have tip videos if you get stuck or you can reach out to our friendly support team.

When creating on desktop, you'll have the choice of two creation modes; Drag and Drop Mode or Page Divider Mode. Drag and Drop is as it sounds; it allows you to drag and drop your photos straight into our templates to personalize as you see fit. We also have an Autofill function which is perfect if you're creating under time pressure. In Page Divider mode, you can “divide” your images into spreads with the click of your mouse. We recommend creating with Drag and Drop Mode as it’s the more intuitive option.

On mobile it's just as easy, like the Drag and Drop Mode on desktop, you can Autofill to auto-populate your book in seconds or you can start from scratch and design as you go. Your project is accessible across devices meaning you can move between platforms e.g. start on desktop, finish on mobile or vice versa. You can create on your laptop while on the sofa in front of the TV and then you can continue your project while on the bus with just your smartphone.

Completely personalize your project with our beautifully designed templates that can showcase up to 12 images per page (or 24 per spread). Head to the Project Settings to customize your photo album or book with your choice of luxurious cover fabric, archival paper and more.

If you're a Mac user, simply download the MILK Books project extension for Photos through the Mac App Store. Fully integrated with Apple Photos, there's no need to upload your images; it will already be synced with your Photo Library so you can start creating right away. Edit your photos with Apple's design tools, navigate with Apple gestures, and checkout with your one-touch Apple ID. Please note: Gallery Frames and Canvas Prints are not available to create on the extension.

With hundreds of beautiful photos from your special day it can be hard to know where to start. We've put together a simple guide for selecting your perfect wedding photos to help make the process a little less overwhelming. It helps to think of your wedding as a story and start at the beginning.

  • Step 1 - Set the scene. Include photos of you both getting ready, the venue, guests arriving, 'first look' photos etc.
  • Step 2 - Spotlight the big moments. The moment you walk down the aisle, the moment you say 'I Do', the throwing of the confetti etc.
  • Step 3 - Share the celebration. The bridal party and family photos, couple portraits, entering the reception area, speeches, first dance, cutting the cake, the partying into the night.

To see how others are curating their beautiful wedding albums head to the MILK Gallery and filter by 'Wedding' theme. From intimate celebrations to extravagant destination weddings, the MILK community offers an endless source of wedding inspiration. Sometimes it's simply helpful to see how other newlyweds are creating their wedding albums with MILK.

The total number of wedding photos you can include in your album will vary based on the number of pages you opt for. Our image layouts allow for a maximum of 12 images per page (24 per spread). However, a 24 image spread would look much better on a large album compared to a medium one, purely because of page size (and thus image size). Our designer recommends a maximum of 4 images per page (8 per spread) to give your images room to breathe. We understand that we all have sentimental attachments to particular photos and the moments they represent and sometimes that means you simply must have more images per spread. In this case, design rules be damned, some moments are just worth it.

To answer the question scientifically, you could have up to 758 images (in a 64-page album). Although we’d recommend against that as it would look very crowded. A good rule to follow to know how many photos you should use is to multiply your page count by two. If you’re creating a 36 page album, try to have 72 photos on hand when you start creating. You can always add more as you create but the likelihood is that you’ll remove some. Consider showcasing your favorite wedding portrait in a double page spread so that it creates a beautiful statement when opened to lay-flat. One image across two pages produces a powerful effect and sometimes less is more.

Our image templates have been carefully created to make designing your album simple and straightforward. To get started, discover our guide on how to select your wedding photos and our top tips for choosing the right template for your images.

Absolutely. One of the happiest days of your life deserves to be celebrated in print and your wedding album is something you will cherish forever. MILK Photo Albums are carefully handcrafted with the highest quality archival materials and beautifully constructed to ensure they can be treasured and passed on for generations to come. We also use thick, board pages for quality you can feel. Our albums are durable, robust and will withstand years of use. It’s never too late to preserve the memories of your beautiful wedding day in print. Don’t let the memories get lost on old hard drives (or the shoebox in the back of your closet).

Our Photo Albums all use lay-flat binding; a traditional technique which allows the pages to open completely flush (level and flat). Your precious keepsake will become a statement piece in your home when you open your album and display your favorite photo spread.

We will put as much love and care into your album as you but if for any reason you're not 100% happy, we offer a Satisfaction Promise guaranteeing the quality of our products. Contact our Customer Care team if you aren't entirely satisfied with your order. Plus, read our latest Trustpilot reviews to hear what our community thinks of their MILK keepsakes.

Yes, absolutely. If you want to gift a copy of your album, simply click "additional identical copies" in your basket. Once your wedding album has been sent to print, head to the 'My Books' page within your account and you'll have the option to invite your friends and family to buy your book or create a framed print from an image within it for 25% off. The latter is a great option if the photographer captured a beautiful image of your guests!

If you want to make a few image edits or change the format before gifting, simply duplicate your project and make the tweaks. Please note that there may be differences applied to the layouts if you've changed formats so you will need to ensure you check through all the pages again before printing.

To create a collection, either for yourself or copies for the in-laws, we offer both Classic and Premium 3 Piece Wedding Sets comprised of our most popular formats and available at a discounted price.

Another option is to create a version of your album in our photo book range. Our photo books offer up to 200 art paper pages meaning you can preserve even more memories from your special day. Our Classic range and our Softcover range are particularly popular for those wanting to create little gifts of appreciation for bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’re smaller formats that are more affordable while still offering great quality.

Our estimated production times will vary based on product type:

  • Photo albums, large format photo books and wedding guest books take an estimated 14-21 days in production.
  • Small and medium photo books (including Moleskine) take an estimated 7-12 days in production.

Please allow a further 3-5 working days for shipping. You can track the status of your order at any time via the 'My Orders' page in your account. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you'll receive an email with a tracking number.

With over 250,000 customers, MILK is loved by many happy newlywed couples. It is one of greatest honors that couples choose us to preserve the memories of their happiest day. Every customer has the choice to "feature" a digital version of their printed book in the MILK community gallery. In the MILK Gallery, we showcase thousands of customer projects; not just wedding ones but family photo books, baby books, celebration books and gifts, even pet books. The MILK Gallery is the place to go for inspiration straight from customers just like you. Simply filter by theme, product type, range or even country to see what people are creating around the world. For wedding inspiration in particular, filter by the wedding theme. We've seen everything from elopements, civil ceremonies, micro weddings, destination weddings, castle weddings, beach weddings and more. Let our community inspire your wedding album.

We have a section of our blog that is dedicated to Wedding articles. Some of our favorites include learning how to create the perfect wedding photo album or these wedding album design tips and tricks from art director and creative Joseph Paul. Discover all Wedding articles at our Wedding blog.

We also have a section of our blog called "Your Stories" which showcases the stories behind the books our customers print with us. There you can discover the stories behind some of our favorite customer wedding albums and receive some insights into how they captured and preserved their favorite moments in print.

The biggest barrier we’ve found to creating your wedding album is getting started. Perhaps the most important advice we can give is to just jump in. Upload your photos into our Design Studio, play around and watch your memento take shape. Our Design Studio tip videos should help you if you have any questions along the way and if there’s still something you need help with, our friendly support team are available to contact via email, phone or live-chat. Please don’t hesitate to ask them any and all questions.

Yes, we offer a MILK Professional Membership to all professional photographers. This exclusive service allows professional photographers and designers to purchase our complete range of print products including Photo Books, Photo Albums, Canvas Prints and Gallery Frames at a discounted rate. Impress your clients or display your work with high-end photographic products designed to last. Register your interest today and we'll be in touch with more details.

Moleskine notebooks are renown the world over for their use by well-known creatives like Picasso and Hemingway. MILK gives you the opportunity to print your photos in this iconic format and create a keepsake that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Our Moleskine Photo Books are a great option for those wanting to display their wedding photos in a stylish, contemporary format. Created with genuine Moleskine materials including the signature black cover with rounded corners and matt ivory pages, the result is a timeless, easy-to-handle book that you, your friends and your family will love flipping through.

Moleskine Photo Books are available in five sizes and formats and can have up to 60, 80, or 96 pages (depending on the format selected). To see the beautiful wedding books our MILK community have made with Moleskine, head to the MILK Gallery and filter by 'Wedding' theme, and by 'Moleskine' range.