Travel Photo Albums

Make your adventures last a lifetime

When we step outside of our usual routines and find ourselves in an exotic and unfamiliar place, magical things can happen. Inspiration flows, energy abounds and new relationships spark. Whether your magical moments are from a weekend getaway, family holiday or that once-in-a-lifetime big adventure, capturing those stories in a beautiful MILK Travel Photo Book will let you relive them and inspire generations to come.

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Travel Photo Books

Wherever you go, whatever you do, every trip or holiday is an unforgettable chapter in your life and nothing compares to seeing these moments preserved in a beautiful MILK Travel Photo Book. Our premium quality paper will bring your photos to life. Add custom text to create the perfect story of your adventure and share it with those you love.

Softcover Travel Photo Books

Softcover Travel Photo Books are perfect for every adventure big or small. Create a collection of your travels or preserve that special weekend away. The template designs will allow you to introduce your story with beautiful panoramic shots and fill the pages with memories from your travels.


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Classic Travel Photo Books

Whether it’s your backpacking adventure or your child’s first steps in the ocean, a beautiful Classic Linen-covered Travel Photo Book, will bring any travel story to life.


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Premium Travel Photo Books

Our timeless, Premium Travel Photo Books are the best way to preserve your most special travel memories with 4 archival paper options and premium cover fabric options. Our new Designer Cover templates add a unique start to your journey with subtly raised inks adding new depth to your books finish. Perfect for the romantic honeymoon or that trip of a lifetime.


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Moleskine Travel Photo Books

When you travel, there are so many moments and stories you want to remember and a Moleskine Travel Photo Book is a stunning way to capture them. Loved by creatives the world over, Moleskine materials include the signature Ivory paper, rounded corners and elastic closure, stitched in a range of styles to match your adventure. Create a travel journal featuring your best travel shot on the cover and store any mementos in the classic Moleskine inner pocket.

Moleskine Travel Photo Books

Handcrafted using traditional book-making techniques and an iconic black hardcover, our Moleskine Photo Books are the perfect record-keeper of every adventure. Preserve your journey with the effortless high-quality Moleskine books are renown for.


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Nice clean and modern photo albums 12/06/24
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Nice clean and modern photo albums, easy to use
Simple ordering process and expedited… 06/06/24
Milestone: travel
Simple ordering process and expedited shipping service! Very pleased overall with the quality.
Unbelievable quality 19/05/24
Milestone: travel
Unbelievable quality. This was a gift for my son’s 50th birthday and it made him cry! Thank you!
Love it 18/05/24
Milestone: travel
Love it! Perfect by all means
Top quality printing and binding 09/05/24
Milestone: travel
Very happy with the print quality and binding of my photo books. I've purchased four books so far, and have found the designing/editing process straightforward and uncomplicated. Will continue to get my photo books printed with MILK.
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We have selected some of our most exquisite and popular travel memoirs to help you find what's right for you.

Frequently asked questions

The perfect home for life's small or great adventures, our handcrafted travel photo books will allow you to relive the memories for generations to come. Our travel photo books are comprised of Softcover, Classic, Premium and Moleskine Photo Book ranges, as well as Classic and Premium Photo Albums.

See our tips below to help you get started on your travel photo book collection:

  • Use the same product range and size for a cohesive display
  • Change the cover fabric to distinguish different destinations
  • Tell your travel story with accompanying text and photo captions
  • Select templates that showcase your travel photos beautifully

Bring your travel adventures to life and start creating today either in the MILK Design Studio or via Apple Photos on your Mac. Plus, get inspired by the books other travellers are creating in the MILK Gallery.

We think our Softcover Photo Books, Classic Small Landscape Photo Books and Premium Medium Landscape Photo Books are perfectly suited to hold the memories of a small getaway. Featuring 24-200 archival quality paper pages, durable binding, plenty of customization options and vibrant printing, they're a great way to bring your travels to life. While both great, we recommend the Premium option if you can afford it. The center stitching means the book will open to lie near flat, meaning you can showcase sweeping vistas with double-page image templates. You also have more cover options with our Premium range; you can choose one of your favorite photos for the cover image; opt for simple text; or get creative with one of our stylish Designer Cover templates. Our Classic range is a great affordable option that still sits above many of the other high-end options you see other brands produce.

Preserve your once-in-a-lifetime adventure in a format worthy of the occasion. We recommend a Large Premium Photo Book or Album. If you're confused about the difference between books and albums, see here. If you're able to select your top photos with ease, consider an album which offers 24-64 thick board pages. A superior format with lay-flat binding, your album can lay flat on a coffee table to beautifully display your travel memories. If you have hundreds of photos you want to preserve in print, our Premium Photo Books offer up to 200 paper pages and thousands of image templates.

Yes, adding captions and descriptions are a great way to tell your travel story. Text templates or image and text templates are available across all our product ranges including MILK Photo Books, Moleskine Photo Books and all MILK Photo Albums. Once you've selected your format and started creating, you'll see a number of templates within the Design Studio that include text. Simply add a caption to an image or fill a full page with your travel highlights. Alternatively, use an uncoated paper option if you want to add handwritten captions once your book or album has arrived. Another pro-tip is you can leave a few spreads blank and add things like postcards or polaroids directly to the page. Also, our Moleskine Photo Books have a pocket on the inside cover that can be used to safely keep little travel mementos like ticket stubs and other souvenirs.