6 tips to making the perfect baby book. 

You’ve seen them before. Those exquisite images that tell the love story of a couple on their special day. Every detail is perfect, every hair is in place. The emotion of the milestone evident in every frame. Your heart skips a beat at the romance of it all and you wonder how it came together so flawlessly. Well, it was no accident, and we’re here to help you achieve such a feat in 7 easy-to-follow steps.



Tip 1. Get smart about it.
Good photo opportunities can be about as predictable as parenthood, so the ability to get your camera out in a flash is imperative to capturing gorgeous candid images of your newborn. Smartphone camera technology has come a long way, allowing anyone with the latest iPhone or Samsung to take award winning photos. It can be tough in the excitement of the moment, so practice holding your phone still for crisp photos. Turn off the flash and opt for as much natural light whenever possible.


Tip 2. Snap away.
Shoot heaps and shoot often. Your infant entered a world of abundant digital storage so no need to pace yourself. It’s difficult to tell in the moment of shooting when you have taken ‘the winner’, so don’t be afraid to take multiple pictures of the same scene. When reviewing your photos, look for the one with something unique in it - a subtle smile from your little one, or a curious gaze at something off camera. You’ll be amazed at what comes out when you’re constantly clicking.


Tip 3. Embrace au naturale. 
You may not feel “camera ready” in these round-the-clock days of car seats, bottles, swaddles and laundry, but try not to let messy hair and tired eyes stop you from getting on the other side of the lense during these precious times. Enlist the help of your friends and family to capture candid moments of you and your newborn. Likewise, snap images of crying baby, messy baby and angry baby. These raw moments help to tell the whole story of raising your little angel.


Tip 4. Have some creative fun.
Between big yawns and stretches, your infant’s personality is starting to take shape. Make the most of their curiosity by placing them in fun settings. Sit them down in front of a cake and watch the magic unfold, or have your camera ready when they are on a playdate with other little ones and sit them all in one line. Change it up based on your environment, the season, or whatever props you have at hand. Your baby will respond to your enthusiasm!.


Tip 5. It's all about scale.
With your little human seemingly growing bigger by the day, you’ll want to remember what it was like to be able to hold your peanut in the palms of your hands. Showing the scale of how tiny they are in contrast to an adult makes for unique and interesting pictures. Their whole hand grasping your one finger. Baby’s mini shoes next to dad’s large boots. Converting these images to Black and White will help emphasize the contrast in sizes.


Tip 6. Get Close.
Everyone loves a snuggle with a baby, and your photos should try to capture that feeling. Get close and fill the frame with your baby's’ face while trying to make them smile or laugh. Focus is the key here. A clear shot of your infant’s teeny facial features with a blurry background makes for a compelling image.


Enjoying the time that your baby is a cute, little bundle of joy is easy. Capturing these treasured memories can be, too. Get comfortable with whichever camera and settings you have, look for inspiration from your baby and most importantly, enjoy every hair raising, exhausting, and magnificent moment.