Introducing the medium photo album

The latest addition to the MILK collection.

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We know that many of you have been awaiting this new addition to the MILK Books range, so we’re happy to announce the introduction of this new, mid-sized format. Our customers love the fine workmanship and quality of our large lay-flat photo albums and now you can create a Premium Album in a medium size (for less), with all the same features that make our albums so special.



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Person looking at square medium wedding Photo Album.
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Medium and Large leather wedding Photo Albums

Five reasons to love our new medium format:


1) A more affordable Premium Album.

Everything we love about our Premium Photo Albums is now available in smaller, affordable, new size.

• Lie-flat pages.

• Thick and weighty board pages.

• Expertly selected archival paper and materials.

• Optional cover and spine text / add-on a presentation box.

• HP Indigo digital printing, ensuring color depth and saturation.

If you've ever wished for one of our luxury albums, but couldn't justify a big spend, medium photo albums are at a more accessible price-point, so you can create the keepsake of your dreams without breaking the bank.


2) It's easy to handle.

Anyone whose ever held one of our albums will know that MILK Photo Albums are relatively heavy (due to the thick, board pages and hard-cover).

The medium size is easy to handle (even for little hands/fingers), making whipping the album out to show to others a breeze.

When handling our large albums you'd be best to lay them out on a table to view, however in this new compact size, you can hold the album in the palm of your hands to show to others, so long as the cover and spine is kept safely supported in your hand.


3) The perfect format for gifting.

You can now gift a copy of your album in the medium size to friends and family for less, without compromising on quality.

The new size makes the medium album an affordable option for gifting to friends and family, or for creating a smaller version of your wedding album for your parents to enjoy (commonly referred to as a companion album or parents' album).

A fitting way to commemorate important events in your life or in the lives of those you hold dear, the medium album delivers on quality, beauty and longevity.


4) Lay-flat binding & full-page printing. 

Due to the lay-flat binding used for all of our board-page photo albums, your images can be printed across two pages, right out to the edges of the pages.

Therefore, photos of sweeping landscapes, or wide-angle group shots, can be positioned over a double-page spread, to be appreciated fully.

The close-to-seamless binding also opens flat/flush on a table so that your precious photos are presented in a similar fashion to those of a high-end coffee table book.


5) Perfect for building your collection. 

The medium size album is great for yearly kids’ records (so you can savor all those precious fleeting moments of their childhood), or for use in a travel series, wedding series, portfolio—any milestone really.

Due to the medium album's exquisite construction, materials & binding, along with a lower price point, you can create something timeless and enduring, that's suitable to mark formal or important events.

There's something so gratifying seeing your every-day, special-day or yearly blessings come to life and be celebrated, within the pages of a beautiful hardcover album.



MILK Photo Albums have been developed by experts in book making and offer beautiful templates, archival + environmentally friendly materials and 6-color digital printing, for a rich, enduring, print result. To view the entire range click here.

For a full breakdown of pricing see the Compare Our Range page.


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