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The moments of your life should last a lifetime.

Every person's life has unforgettable moments that define it. At MILK Books, we believe that preserving these moments beautifully should be a simple and joyful experience. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, we're a small team devoted to the tradition of memory keeping.


Our heritage is designing and creating some of the world’s most loved photographic books

Behind MILK Books are over 60 years of expert publishing experience and an enormous love of bookmaking. Under the name Blackwell & Ruth (formerly PQ Blackwell), our publishing team has created many award-winning and best-selling photographic books. Our founders have been entrusted with creating beautiful books for some of the world's leading photographers and figures including Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu.

After decades of creating beautiful photographic table books, we’ve tried all papers, binding methods and printing techniques out there. MILK Books leans on this history of expertise, obsessive attention to detail, and a timeless, elegant design philosophy to help people all over the world create enduring, exquisite photobooks.


Moments of Inspiration, Love and Kinship

MILK stands for ‘Moments of Inspiration, Love and Kinship’, a sentiment that inspired our founder, Geoff Blackwell, long before the current MILK ever existed. In 1999, Geoff started the MILK Collection with the aim of collecting photographs, from both amateur and professional photographers, which celebrated our shared humanity. By 2001, the collection had grown to around 40,000 images, 300 of which were chosen to be the heart of an exhibition and used to create the three original M.I.L.K. series of photographic books ‘Family’, ‘Friendship’ and ‘Love’. The project was an international best-seller, but the concept was simple: to capture and celebrate what unites us as human beings – those moments of inspiration, laughter and kinship.

A decade later, Geoff had the idea of creating a new print-on-demand photo book business allowing anyone to celebrate their own special moments in beautiful books and albums. In 2012 MILK Books was launched from New Zealand.

Today we bring our photographic book publishing expertise to help you create your own enduring, exquisite photobooks.

Our small team is dedicated to ensuring your cherished moments of Inspiration, Love and Kinship last for generations. Years of honing the art of bookmaking have enabled us to create hand-made print-on-demand books and albums, with our premium range using the finest archival materials (this means our books and albums are made to last - resistant to deterioration or loss of quality) and 6-color printing for customers all over the world.

We’re proud of our unique, easy-to-use online Design Studio, and from our history creating award winning photographic table books we have curated a selection of timeless, elegant design templates to ensure all our customers can create beautiful enduring photo books and albums. We then ensure they are printed using the latest print technology before shipping to their new homes all over the world.

Made with love, integrity and care.

There are no short-cuts on the road to excellence; MILK Photo Books and Albums are made the same way beautiful books have always been made – painstakingly, using the best materials and methods at hand.

We focus on making moments last.

We believe your stories should be celebrated with future generations. That's why our range features archival quality materials that will stand the test of time. Our keepsakes are designed to last lifetimes and if you follow our Care Guide, your keepsake will be enjoyed for many years to come. If you're not entirely satisfied with the quality of your keepsake, we will do all we can to make it right as per Our Satisfaction Promise.

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MILK is one of the world’s premium photo book and photo album brands. We beautifully preserve the inspiration and memorable moments of customers from over 100 countries in books designed to last more than a lifetime.
The name MILK stands for ‘Moments of Inspiration, Love and Kinship’ and started almost 20 years ago with a global photographic competition that gathered over 40,000 professional and amateur photographs which celebrated the very best of humankind. From these, 300 images were selected to be the heart of an exhibition, and used to create the three MILK titles ‘Family’, ‘Friendship’ and ‘Love’. The books were a global success, selling 4 million copies and 74 million greeting cards. From this success, the MILK Photo Books business offering beautiful personalised books and albums was born.
We will store photos indefinitely without charge, as long as at least one book or album containing the images has been printed. If you do not print any books we can offer storage at a fixed monthly cost. Talk to our account manager about this option.